“Have you made any friends at the university?”

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This is a question I`ve been asked by people, mainly my family. I can`t do anything, but shake my head. Friends? Do people call each other friends after knowing each other for less than a week?

I must confess that if that`s the case, then I`m not like that. I love getting to know new people. I love talking, I love socializing. I love listening to where people come from, what they do, their talents.. lately I`ve also been more and more interested in people`s baggage. I think I`ve always been that, though. Anyways, back to what this post actually is about – making friends and how I don`t call other people a friend of mine until I`m sure they`re capable of being my friend.

It`s not like I test them. But they have to be genuine, caring, kind. They have to want to be there for me, they have to care enough about me to not throw me away the next morning.

As a little girl, I experienced many “friendships” that never were friendships. I remember this girl whom ditched me for this other girl and I remember how angry I was that day. I didn`t quite understand what that other girl had, that I didn`t have, but I realise now that both of them weren`t worth my time.

I`ve spent so much time with people whom I thought were my friends, just for them to go around and call me names, say ugly things to me such as “go and kill yourself” and not give me enough time. The past few years I`ve realised more and more of what kind people I want to surround myself with and spend my time with. So, when I met Sara and Thea, I didn`t call them my friends for some months, even though they looked at me as their friend. It`s hard to know who you can trust or not these days, so I decided to give it time, which is a great choice I made. They`re pretty much my best friends today and we`re already making plans for my birthday!

This week I`ve met many new people and I really want to get to know them which I am, slowly. But, don`t expect me to call you my friend because I`ve known you a couple of days. Trust takes time to build and I want to know for sure that I`m spending my time on people that actually really care about me, knows me and wants me well. I`m over that kind of shit where you hang out with people for a short time and then you end up getting hurt. I`ve been there too many times and I`ve had enough.

Just felt like letting this out. Don`t feel pressured to make friends as quickly as possible – take your time with friendships, guys! It should happen naturally, be friends with someone because both of you want it.🙂

Now I`m going to go to bed – way too late, I know, but I don`t really feel sleepy. I`m having my first lecture tomorrow, so wish me luck!!


Today has been a very great and fun day. It started with a meeting, before we went out and participated in a “treasure hunt”. It was very fun – we danced, had a quiz, did karaoke.. Oh, together it was so fun! Afterwards we went to this park I used to go to when I was little. Some exchange students joined us too and I talked a lot with them. It`s weird how people from Japan choose little, tiny Norway, but know that everyone`s welcome here, haha! They had several questions about Norway, of course, and I had this other guy tried to answer them as good as possible. Hopefully they feel smarter now!Sofien1-600x338                                                                                                                                Source:  http://www.d36.no

The days are longer now as I spend most of the day at the university, but I think it`s very important to get to know the people I`m going to spend the next three years with.

Tomorrow`s a shorter day – it`s going to be great to be home earlier and get some good sleep. These days I tell myself to be in bed by 11 PM, but when I get home I have to relax, read and watch some serials and “suddenly” it`s past midnight.. I guess that`s what it`s going to be like tonight too, haha!


Ah, guys!

I`m so thankful to God that I woke up all fine and feeling way more ready than I did last night for a new chapter. I enjoyed a long breakfast, got ready and..wait for it..missed my train. Yep, I did, but I only came 1-2 min late so nothing happened, haha!

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Since the first two weeks are what they call “the starters` week” (I think?), there are a lot of social events going on. The main point is to get to know each other, so we were divided into six groups. We talked, had lunch together and enjoyed this welcome-ceremony, before we went to this park, played some games and had a great time. Personally, that was my favourite part of the day.🙂 My fellow students are nice and I really hope we keep this kindness up for the rest of the year!

Tomorrow I`m going to spend some time at the university (was about to say school, but realised I`ve joined university today – or are these two the same thing??) and meet Sara and hopefully Thea too. So excited to meet them. It`s so weird to not see them, to be honest. I`m going to miss them so much, so it`ll be great to see them tomorrow.🙂

I need to get to bed soon. And yeah, as you can tell and as I`ve already mentioned before, I`m not going to stop blogging. My time at Nannestad might be over, but I`m going to keep naming my voice so you won`t be able to get ready of me that easily😉


High-school is long gone and I`m already starting a new chapter. Damn it, I`m a grown-up now and have more responsbilities?

I don`t know what to say, guys. Other than that I`m joining university tomorrow. Like I told you almost a month ago, I`m going to study social anthropology. I really hope it suits me and I really hope I`ll enjoy my first year. I thought I was excited and not so excited, but now I feel more..sad?

I don`t really know what to expect, other than being hopeful. I can feel that this is a new decade for me, but I really don`t know. I should be happy about finally being able to study whatever I want to, but at the same time it seems so pointless. Like I mentioned in the last point – I want to study and be 18 forever at the same time. I should perhaps focus on the new beginning that`s ahead of me, but instead I`m focused on how I`m closer to death. God, I`m aware that sounds so silly, but that`s the reality, right?tumblr_n1pgqy3OA21qcf1bio1_500.jpg

Whenever these thoughts show up, they don`t want to leave. They`ve been showing up a lot lately, mainly because of university, I guess. I need to shut out these thoughts, get a good sleep and hopefully I feel better tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone who`re joining university, high-school, primary or secondary school either tomorrow or during the next week! We`re all in this together.🙂


Perhaps a little late, even though I wrote this several days ago. Was meant to post this the beginning of this month, but woops. Anyways, here you go!


♥ Join university, start studying social anthropology and buy everything I need to make this school year amazing. I`m starting the 15th of august, so there`s not much time left. Ah, I`m excited and nervous, guys…

♥ Have a great first week at uni, which they call “the starters week” or something? According to the plan we`re going to do different things, such as bowling!

♥ Get safely and happily back to Norway! DONE – I came back exactly one week ago. Great to be back, even though I miss Germany and my family. 

♥ Give myself a huge pep-talk before the 15th of august. My life`s going to change and a new chapter is about to begin. It`s important to remind yourself of the things that matter now and then and definetely before you`re about to open a new chapter. I also feel like so much has changed since the last time I gave myself a new beginning which was when I started in high-school.

♥ Start going out for runs. I stopped because of exams and Ramadan, and after that I was too lazy and then there was this trip to Germany.. BUT this week I`ve been out for a little run every day. Not anything “huge”, as all I want is to be a little active.🙂 Hopefully I`ll be able to keep it up the next weeks. 

♥ Give my room a little fresh-up. I need to re-do my wardrobe, clean up the shelves and make sure everything`s set before I join uni – I brought with me quite a lot from Germany, and I`m almost done cleaning up my room. 

♥ Get myself a job and hopefully even start working!

What are your goals this month? Anything interesting/exciting happening this month? Let me know!


In five days time I`m joining the university – am I allowed to say that I`m not as excited as I perhaps thought I am?

I know people are going to tell me that I`ll get used to it, the first weeks I`ll anyways get to know people, it`ll be fine, the university will help me out.

How the hell will they help me with staying 18 and not let me age? Because seriously, that`s my problem here.large (74)

I`m in love with being 18. And I don`t want to grow older. I don`t want to turn 19 next month. I never want to grow up. I`m scared of the future, I`m scared of dying because I`m going to die way too soon and I don`t know what to do about it.

I remember something that I experienced when I was little. I was perhaps 8-9. All of a sudden I didn`t want to sleep at nights. I became noisy and was so scared of dying. I didn`t want to sleep at nights. After a while it all stopped and everything went back to “normal”, but I still think similar thoughts sometimes – I never want to die. What happens when you die? What does a person do if he never wants to die? And what if I never wake up the next morning? What do I do then??

Joining the university next week will for sure make me realise that I`m older now, I`m a grown-up now. I`ve become that “old” that I can study whatever I want now. Isn`t that crazy and scary? I don`t want to become any older. I want to stay the way I am. There`s so much I want to do, so many things I want to see, so many things I want to experience, but life`s so damn short and it scares me. No matter what I do, I feel like I waste away every day. I don`t feel as “useful” as I should and I don`t know if I`m living life the right way.

Unfortunately no matter what I do, I`ll have to join the university next week and start a new chapter of my life. I can only look younger, but not be younger. Life doesn`t stop for anybody and it won`t stop me. I guess the only thing I can do is to go forward and live life, because that`s just how it is. It makes me sad, but it is what it is.


Today I realised how I haven`t updated you guys for quite a while. I`ve been in Germany as you know, and I wanted to spend my time with my family. But, now I`m back in Norway. Am I happy or sad? Both, I think. It`s nice to be back to everything I know, but I enjoyed my time in Germany and I miss my family. Not to mention the cheap prices, haha.. I started missing them the second I entered the shops at the airport here. I understand that people here earn quite a lot and that everything is priced according to the payments here, but Germany`s very cheap for us Norwegians and that`s perhaps why I did a lot of shopping. But that`s another story.

This is perhaps the longest I`ve been away from Norway, which was quite nice. We went out to Frankfurt once and did a lot of shopping there. I couldn`t wait to visit Primark, which we did. I don`t get why we don`t have that shop here in Norway?? I spent a lot of time with my cousins, joking around, playing Ludo (which has become a tradition now). This is the third time I`ve been there alone and I`ve always noticed how they live their lives there in Germany and how I have my own life here in Norway. They have their own ways of doing things and their own routines. For example: Here in Norway we don`t have to buy water – we get it straight from the tap, but my family in Germany has to buy water. To me that`s not normal, so each time I`ve been there, I`ve went straight to the tap to drink water, haha. This is a little thing, but there are several things that I could`ve mentioned.

Anywho, I had a really great time in Germany. Did a lot of shopping, spent time with my cousins which made me laugh all the time. When I was in bed every night, I told myself life`s weird. There I was, lying in my cousins` room. They made a lot of noise while getting ready for bed, which I enjoyed, haha. And now? I lie all alone in my room at night and it`s so peaceful. The contrasts. I miss Germany so much – I miss hugging my cousins and I miss them being annoying, because behind their crazy behaviour there was kindness and I guess that`s what you call love.

I came back this Friday and thought everything would go like usual. I was about to pick up my baggage, but it never showed up. I asked the workers at the airport about it and they told me some of the baggage hadn`t been transported on the scheduled time. I have no idea how that`s possible, but I had to wait for the next flight from Frankfurt which was arriving in about 2 and a half hours time. So I and this other girl waited together. Thank you for being my company, girl. I have no idea what I would`ve done there alone. My brother went home as I didn`t want him to wait for that long with me. I was so happy when I finally got my baggage, but I missed the train. So I had to wait about 25 minutes for the next train. I live on a hill, so I had to drag my baggage up and God, I was so frustrated and couldn`t wait to be home, but I was also so tired and I just wasn`t fast enough, haha.

But now I`m finally home. I wish I could go back, but I`m thankful for having the opportunity to visit my family and another country. It`s going to take some time for my mind to get back on track, as I  miss Germany (that`s me in a nutshell..), but at least I`m back on track here. I hope everyone`s been having an amazing summer!! Let`s make the days that are left amazing too.🙂


“This isn`t Islam. This terror has nothing to do with Islam. Real Muslims would never even think of doing something like that. Which means that Muslims don`t do such things!”

Alright. Let`s say it had nothing to do with Islam. And I agree – 99 % of the Muslims aren`t responsible for terror attacks.

But I wonder why many Muslims, and then I really mean many Muslims and many Non-Muslims too for that matter, stand up and yell about these things and..that`s it?? Why do they want and expect peace, but don`t want to do much to actually stand up for equality, brotherhood and love? Why do they talk about peace, but don`t do much to build up the peaceful society most of us dream of? Why do the condemn terror, but let a lot of unjustice happen right under their noses?

Great, you`re against terror and condemn every attack. But what about social control, negative culture, this sick honour culture and the oppression especially  Muslim women have to face every day? What happens to your toungue then, what happens to your mind then?

Where are you when women are being married to someone against their will?

Where are you when women are told not to educate themselves and go to school?

Where are you when boys are told to stalk their sisters whenever they go out because it`s all about their reputation and honour?

Where are you when mothers opress their daughters and tell her to remain shameful?

Where are you when human beings aren`t allowed to live freely?

It`s really tiring to see people I know and don`t know talk about peace and love, yet do nothing to do anything about it. “Why is this happening, it needs to stop.” Condemning terror on Twitter or Facebook won`t save the world. Get out there and try to help people. Educate yourself, get more knowledge and don`t leave discussions just because.

If “real Muslims” would never kill anyone, then they would never let their daughters get married to whoever, they would never tell their kids to hate gays and Jews, and they would`ve never allowed opression against women, either. These are things many Muslims do, but they don`t want to talk about it. Instead they believe it`s only about terror and therefore believe condemning it will do, which isn`t the case.

A “real Muslim” might condemn terror, but that`s not where the list ends. Remember that.

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Yesterday I went out with my aunt and cousin. We went to Frankfurt to do a lot of shopping. In the end we went to this huge shopping mall, where we didn`t buy much. I also went to shops like Primark, Zara and H&M. On our way home my aunt told me there`s been an attack in Munich. She didn`t know much more than that, so when we got home we read the news. There had been a massacre in a shopping mall. An 18-year-old German-Iranian boy killed 9 people along with himself. I`ve seen the video that has went viral, which shows people running around like crazy while he`s trying to shoot them. I`m speechless and I can`t believe someone would ever do something like that. Not to mention ever think of something like that.

I was in a shopping mall too yesterday. I went out with my family to have fun too. It could`ve been me. Guys, you have no idea how thankful I am for still being alive. It`s also insane how this boy was 18 – I`m 18 too. According to him, he was bullied for several years. I don`t agree with his actions, but I feel sorry for him. I`ve been there too as I`ve been bullied half of my life, but I`ve never thought of killing several people. I would never kill someone “just because” I feel lonely. large (86)

I don`t know where I even want to get with this. Just wanted to let out some thoughts I`ve had the past hours. I wonder when this is going to end. We hear about an attack pretty much every day now and it`s scary how it seems to happen everywhere. This time it happened at Munich shopping mall. I was at a shopping mall too. Happily I was far away from Munich. 9 people weren`t. They were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

But it could`ve been me. Or you.


I`ve always known that I want to help people and I`ve always wanted to become a writer. And so I will. But, what else? I`ve applied for university, and today I`ll reveal what I`m going to study from next month of.

Social anthropology.

Why? I don`t have one answer to that. Some people have told me to think of jobs. I might end up jobless because of what I`ve decided to study. But, I think there`s ALWAYS  a chance for that, right? We need all kind of people whom study different things – everything from medicine to psychology to nano-technology. We need doctors and psychologists. Now I don`t know what I`m going to do with the degree(s) I`m going to end up with, as I can end up with anything and get an offer I never thought I`d get. People who have a master in history work with TV. So I`m not thinking too much of what I`m going to do later on, as a person never really knows.

I wanted to learn something that can help me become a better citizen and understand the conflicts that are going on in the society. It`ll also help me with understanding the different socities we have around the world. I had sociology & social anthropology one year in high-school, so I have a litte idea what it`s about, but I`m excited about what the future holds for me.
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Right now I`m in Germany – I arrived here yesterday and I`m going to spend the next two weeks with my family here. Sorry about not blogging much lately, but now you know why.🙂 I hope everyone`s having a great holiday!