… from a secret admirer.

Haha, just kidding. My mum “sent” me them! It was my birthday last weekend and they were actually supposed to be delivered to me last Saturday, but since I wasn`t home then. I called them up again two days ago and voila. Fresh flowers. I knew they were coming, but really; what a nice surprise to send someone. There you have a great tips: send someone you love a fresh bouquet of flowers, roses or a mix of everything. My mum also sent me a hoodiejacket, as well. Really appreciated and what a nice thing to do.

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Also, guess who was so happy about this little table that she started dancing around? Haha, I put it together on my own. Not the hardest thing to do, but I still felt so great about accomplishing it. And it looks so cool! Definitely my style.

Something I did yesterday that wasn`t that smart, was forgetting the chain lock for my bike in the city. I found that out when I was almost home. Somehow while opening it, I managed to leave it on the street and biked home. So I had to leave the bike in the basement, which isn`t the easiest thing to do but at least I have both a bike and a chain lock for it. Yep, I found it today where I had left it yesterday. Sometimes I can`t help but laugh about the things I do, but that`s life, right?

Now I`m going to make myself some milkshake in my new juicer and then get ready. Wishing you all a great day! 💕



In one way writing this makes me frustrated, because this post will most likely be written and forgotten some days later by most people. I hope so much that that isn`t the case, though, because what I`m about to say is so significant and it can`t be said enough.

Some days ago an article was published in a Norwegian newspaper. The title is “It took three years for the school to acknowledge that Mia was bullied”. The two words “three years” got to me, because it shouldn`t have taken that long, but it did. And that`s one of many problems.

Mia Næss committed suicide when she was 12 years old. You can say whatever you want to about suicide, but anyone commiting suicide is a serious incident as it is, but it`s heartbreaking to think that a child – because yes, she was a child – decided to do something so dramatic and tragic. Unfortunately bullying ends up making some people feel like that`s a solution or a road to go down. It breaks my heart to think that a 12-year-old girl ended up choosing that road.

To break it up for you guys: Mia committed suicide in 2015. In2016, the county governor concluded that the school had broken the education act (laws) and made mistakes in the Mia case. The school should have seen the seriousness in Masa’s situation in the class, made individual decisions, and put in action already in fourth grade. It did not happen as the school was imposed. The year, the police in Oppegård investigated the case and concluded a breach of the law. They gave the municipality a fine of 60,000 kroner (Norwegian currency). The school, represented by a councilman Lars Henrik Bøhler, rejected that they had done something wrong. On national TV he said last year that it`s difficult to say that the school has done something that deserves criticism. He also said then that the school is working on improving the routines and that they have more measures today. But this summer, the situation got turned around and the municipality admitted something worth noticing:

“We are sorry that Mia Næss was subjected to bullying, despite the fact that measures were conducted. We regret that no individual decisions was taken and that the municipality did not follow the education act at the points pointed out in the county governor’s report. “

empty swing

I understand that it`s very tough and frustrating for the parents to be in a situation like this. Waiting three years for a school to admit that their daughter, who commited suicide, was bullied and that they didn`t do enough at all to help her, must have been difficult. Their pain is unexplainable and I can`t imagine what it must have been like.

For me, one of the frustrating things about this is that I`ve heard this all before. It`s not the first time a school doesn`t realise the seriousness in a situation like this and it`s not the first time that a school doesn`t understand the consequences of their behaviour. I`m tired of hearing such “political correct answers”, because that`s what it sounds like to me. I can`t remember if I`ve ever read about a school which has encountered something like this and been willing to admit their mistakes from day one and think “maybe we did go wrong or maybe we didn`t do enough”. Obviously something is being done wrong, as more and more young people keep struggling with their mental health and the statistics for suicide keep increasing year by year. Even many of those who are able to cope with it in an handable way, face the consequences years later. Consequences that are shaped as scars and wounds that could hurt for years. An genuine apology and some sincere understanding wouldn`t hurt anyone.

I really hope things change soon and that the schools begin to face some real consequences when they break the rules. And honestly; the schools being able to stop bullying is one thing. I and many young people out there aren`t asking for too much. We`re asking for some kindness, we want someone to see us for who we are, we want someone to listen closely to what we want to say. Sad how something so easy have become so difficult to do.


First of all; I got a comment from a reader yesterday that they couldn`t see the photos in my last post. Seems like that was the case for the post about Amsterdam too and now I`m a bit worried that might be the case for maaaaaaany of my posts. I can see them so I  thought it was all okay, but apparently it`s not. I`ll try to do something about this week. Also, let me know if anyone else is having the same problem with my blog.

Over to something else: I miss Amsterdam. It was amazing and I wish I could have the city to myself for some time. It`s over-crowded any time of the year and there are people everywhere, which makes it seem nice but if you`re like me and like the city too much, you also want to be the only one in the city for some time. If you`ve ever been to the capital: imagining spending a night alone in the city, standing on the street, looking towards the canal and enjoying the cool air. Ah, guys!! I`m for sure going back there very very soon.

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The next country on my list is Belgium, I`m going there this weekend actually. Excited about that, as well, Travelling really is my thing, it makes me feel so good and excited about life.


So before I got to actually enjoy having a bike or show my bike to you guys, it got stolen. Yeah, you heard (or read) right. That`s my theory at least, because when I walked out of the building one morning and went to my bike, I couldn`t find it. Looked for it around the shops, but nope. I hadn`t locked it, because I thought the day before that my bike should be safe. But apparently; how can it be safe in a country where lots of bikes get stolen all the time? It annoyes me, because how do people convince themselves it`s okay to just grab a bike and get away with it? HOW? How do these people just do it? Maybe it`s not that easy for some of them, but they still steal people`s bikes. How do they sleep well at night?

Short story short: I bought another bike, because having a bike here in Maastricht and in the Netherlands in general is handy. The money spent on a new bike is money I wish I could have spent on something else, but what can I do. My bike got stolen and God knows where it is.

So, before my second bike gets stolen; let me introduce you to my bike. Just after buying it I realised that this one might also be a stolen bike. Let`s just hope this stays mine at least until February.

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Most bikes here look more classy and elegant, than the ones most tend to buy in Norway. Also, let me just say that biking in Norway is nothing compared to biking here in the Netherlands. Here they have strict rules and traffic lights for the bikes. In the beginning I was kind of lost, but now it`s definitely going more smoothly. Fun to know what you`re doing and not look like an idiot on the road. And yes: I lock it all the time now. I don`t trust anyone enough to leave my bike unlocked even for two minutes.


 Started the day by travelling to Amsterdam.


♥ Walked out of the station and the sun hit me.



♥ Enjoyed a night in an airbnb/hotel. Always nice to do that.


 ♥ Had dinner alone in an Italian restaurant.


♥ Joined a canal cruise in the morning, while I had my breakfast.


♥ Walked by several streets, people and the world.


♥ Visited the Anne Frank Huis. Enough said about thatfor now.


♥ Did some shopping in different stores.

♥ Enjoyed the beautiful views and the canals in the evening.


What a weekend in Amsterdam. Weird how I was so excited about this weekend and now it`s already over. At least I have memories in my heart. Also can`t believe I`m 21 now. When did that happen? Well, obviously yesterday, but I mean… I`m freaking out a little bit now. Hopefully I won`t freak out too much.

Thank you, Amsterdam, for having me on my birthday. You keep amusing me and I`m for sure going back again very very soon.




I`m going to spend this weekend in beautiful Amsterdam. It`s been over a year since I was there (the airport doesn`t count in my opinion) and I`m beyond excited. One of the greatest things in life is having something to be excited about, something to look forward to. Doesn`t matter if it`s buying something, visiting someone, reading that new book or travelling. So much lately has been about me going there. “Oh, I need to do this before I go to Amsterdam”. “I need to buy this before my trip to Amsterdam”. It`s my birthday this Sunday, so perhaps you could say this is a birthday gift to myself. A really nice birthday gift. Ah, if you ever get the opportunity to visit the city, you should. There`s this relaxing harmony there and last year I was so happy when our flight got over-booked, because that meant I could spend one night more there. Can`t wait to be back there tomorrow.


Bilderesultat for high school tumblr

When I look back at my time in high-school, I can`t believe that time is “long gone”. More than two years already, when did that happen? It was a turbulent time for me in one way, if I can put it that way. Now that I look back at it, it sort of seems like those three years were a challenge to me. A challenge about being true to myself and not saying “yeah, you`re right” to everyone else. When high-school didn`t turn out to be that much of a fresh start for me, it was hard. I was lonely and on top of it I didn`t get the help that I knew I deserved. These experiences have only made me stronger and taught me a lot, which I think is something positive.

Some things I`d like to tell you if you`re in high-school or about to join high-school:

🌹 Learning can be fun, but you have to take part in the fun too. You have to make it fun for yourself. Find some topics in each subject that interests you or try to acknowledge that to be able to learn something new every day is amazing.

🌹It`s okay to say no sometimes. Don`t want to go to the party tonight? Well, don`t go then.

🌹 Listen to your own voice, even if you`re standing alone.It`ll stay with you for the rest of your life.

🌹 High-school can be a negative place for many – don`t add to that. Be kind. Always. Two wrongs don`t make one right. Help someone with their homework or say hey to the girl who always sits alone. One act of kindness can get you somewhere beautiful.

🌹 The teachers are only humans too. I feel like many students out there tend to “beat the teachers up”, because they don`t fit their idea of what a perfect teacher should be like. There are some teachers that sure need to do a better job, but no matter what; treat them with respect. It`ll get you more far. Being a not so good teacher doesn`t mean you can`t be a good human being.

Bilderesultat for high school tumblr

🌹If you`re being bullied, feel lonely or are struggling with something else: you deserve better! And you definitely deserve that people see you and try to be there and help you. You deserve to be taken seriously. Don`t let the system or people make you believe something else.

🌹You`ll get through it. Trust me, you will. High-school isn`t going to last forever and I know you can do it. Believe in yourself.

Good luck! Those three years can be tough, but also eye-opening and educational. Remember that you`ll have to find peace within yourself.