First of all – thank you for the kindness lately. It`s so easy to feel alone about things you go through how you feel, but now I feel a little less alone. I hope some of you do too. 

The day is here and my mum is now on her way to Pakistan. I`m happy for her but at the same time: what`s life? Haha, the same old question. There she is, on a plane which is on its way to Islamabad, and here I am, in my safe room. The first 2-3 days are always weird, but after that we get used to it. I`m sure that`ll be the case this time too.

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The book I`ve almost finished. Seemed like some of you wanted a review, so that will be up soon! It kind of feels like it`s been a loooong day. I went to the airport with my mum first and then to school. Now I`m going to… tidy the kitchen and listen to the radio. Can`t wait to go to bed tonight.



If you`re here to read a blog which is only full of happiness positivity, photos that are all #inspo or if you`ve come here just to find another always-happy-face on the earth, you`ve come to the wrong place.

I could tell you today`s been amazing, I could show you today`s outfit or click inspirational photos like many others bloggers and act like my life is #goals. But I won`t and I don`t feel like it. It`s not that my life isn`t good. In fact, it`s quite good. But it`s only in the past months that I`ve realised how much your own mind actually can affect you and how much it matters that your own mind is with you. If your mind isn`t in a good place, you yourself aren`t either.

I want my blog to be a place where people can seek inspiration, positivity and a more realistic version of what life can be like. I don`t get inspired by blogs that are all “super-duper-happy” – I get inspired by bloggers that dare to be who they are and say “hey, you know what? Life isn`t perfect, I`m not perfect and that`s how it is”. I get inspired by people who have their own opinions and thoughts and don`t follow others just for the sake of it.

So, I`ll be honest: I`m tired of how I`ve done so much for people who didn`t give me the same back. I`ve given so much of myself and when someone hurted me, I felt like an idiot for believing. For believing that this person was going to at least stay. Maybe because I wanted to believe it was as easy for others as it was for me. Now I`m here asking myself what I got by being so kind to others and doing things for them. I did things I shouldn`t have done and still I did it all – what did I get? Tell me, apart from pain and unfaithfullness, what did I get? I think about this a lot and I don`t have any answers. I tell myself that at least I`m stronger now, I`m kind and I`m going to continue to be kind to people, but tell me: what did I get? I might be stronger now, but it`s also harder for me to trust people. It`s harder for me to trust people`s words and intentions, because I`ve met too many who haven`t meant what they said. It`s sad how things people in the past have done to me, are going to affect people I`m going to meet in the future. The pain`s going to affect how I meet them. It`s become hard for me to trust and share, because there`s always a chance people can use that the wrong way or just leave. I know what it`s like to try your best and give what you can give to other people who after some time aren`t there anymore. I try to tell myself “they must have their reasons”, but how does it help me and my sadness.

I`ve been thinking a lot about this, because I`ve realised how much this actually has been going on. The words “you haven`t done anything for me” hit me. To be honest, they really hit me. What a world we live in. You do things you never really thought you`d do just to make others happy and somehow it ends up being “nothing”. Ah, all I can say is that it hurts, it makes you questions your actions and your heart and you feel like the loser of a losing game. People can say whatever they want to, but when it happens more than once you really wonder how it`s possible. How it`s possible for someone to not see that you do so much for them and sometimes you end up doing less, because that`s how you can protect yourself. At least a little. I get why they do that, because who wants to get hurt?

I thought I didn`t, but here I am. Hurt.



❤️ The final preparations before my mum is off to Pakistan. I find the whole process quite exciting, and while helping I start daydreaming about a trip to Amsterdam of Prague, haha…

❤️ It`s going to be fun to see how especially I and my brother are going to cope while my mum is away! I wonder how the chores and the cooking will go. It`s so weird how we get used to my mum not being around. Last time she was in Pakistan in September 2016, I felt what it`s like to spend some time in the kitchen pretty much every day and cook for someone else. Also, I found myself sitting on the train on my way home thinking “what should I cook for dinner tonight?” Typical housewife thoughts, I`m telling you. This time I want to do some baking and try to make some “chappatis” too. Excited about that!

❤️ Sandra is coming over next week, for the first time. The past year we`ve met sometimes. Last time I was at her house and now it`s her time to visit me.

Bilderesultat for eirinkristiansen things I want to do//photo:source

❤️ Doesn`t necessarily need to be “big things”, little things matter too, as well. So, I`m looking forward to reading some of the books I borrowed a long time ago, but still haven`t read.

❤️ Easter holiday, which is already beginning on Thursday for me. HERE I COME! 😎 I have a lot of studying to do as my first exam is in the beginning of May, but holiday is holiday. Of course I`m going to chill too.

❤️ Do Maastricht-preparations. I told you that the process has began, which meant that I received an e-mail from my exchange-coordinator in which he said that he`s sending a “nomination” to the university I`m going to, which is Maastricht University. “Nomination” basically means sending over information about the students, so my university is letting Maastricht University know how many students there are that are going to study there. I haven`t heard anything from the coordinator or the university, so I`m getting a liiiiittle impatient. Hopefully I`ll get some news and information before Easter!



Some weeks ago I wrote about the “fast fashion” and sweatshops. You can read that post HERE (link). Since then I`ve done some research, and according to some sources, these shops/brands are the worst when it comes to “fast fashion”. I`m sure you`ve bought something from at least one of them:

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last ned.jpg

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I have to say I feel a little bad about how I`ve been shopping quite a lot from Primark the past 2-3 years… Remember when I mentioned that I wasn`t sure whether to buy something from Primark when I was in Germany two months ago? Well, I still bought something, but managed to not grab too much. I didn`t know whether Primark actually was one of many “sweatshops” or not, but according to the information I`ve read, it is. So, I`m going to try and stay away from Primark. I`m saying “try”, because let`s be honest: would you rather buy a t-shirt for 10 Euros or 40 Euros? Most of us would rather want to buy the cheapest one and there are many that want to buy sustainable clothes that are made in a way that`s also healthier for our environment, but they`re not that cheap. THAT is the thing. The truth is, I`d prefer to buy the cheapest clothes (as long as the quality is good, of course), because I really like saving money. Most of us do, right? Therefore I kind of get that some don`t want to spend a lot more on a simple t-shirt.

We live in a world of fast fashion, but there are many brands and shops that sell eco-friendly clothes. I already make some eco-friendly choices (which is natural for me), like letting my hair dry natural instead of using a hair-dryer and trying to eat more ecological food. But, I want to try and do more! I can`t do everything, but I can try to do something and even if I don`t succeed, I want to know I tried. Knowing that many of the clothes I have in my wardrobe are made in sweatshops, underpaying and mistreating factory workers, doesn`t exactly make me feel good.

I`ve already stopped buying anything from H&M and I`m going to try to avoid several of the sweatshops, BUT that`s where I need your advices and help: what brands and shops sell eco-friendly clothes do you know of, that you would recommend me? Please let me know! Many of the sustainable and eco-friendly brands/shops I already know about are much more expensive, so I hope I you guys can help me a little out. 


The more I blog, the more I realise and understand one thing: nobody can get to know all of you through a blog. And perhaps that`s why I blog.


I`ve been reading different blogs for some years now and it`s easy to think that you know everything about the blogger`s life. But you don`t. You just know what they show you and sometimes, what they show the world isn`t the whole truth. A blogger might blog about make-up or post today`s outfit, while something else is going on behind the screen. Or she or he might not tell you everything about what`s going on in life, whether that`s depression, a divorce, loneliness, bullying or a trauma. It could literally be anything and you as a reader couldn`t know.

That`s why blogging is both something I appreciate and also something… weird. I love being able to share things, inspire and I hope I make a difference. I started this blog when I was still lonely in high-school and now I`m at the university, studying and I`m soon off to Maastricht. Well, soon enough. On the other hand – there have been times where I`ve been sad or things have been going on in my life that I haven`t shared. There have been times where I`m fed up with my overthinking, but I act like nothing and write about how my day was. Because many times, it`s easier to talk about what I did throughout the day than what`s in my mind or how I`m really feeling deep down. It`s easier to hide those things away than to let it all out in front of the world.

That doesn`t mean I`m not honest on this blog. I am, but whenever you read a blog, whether it`s mine or someone else`s, know that you don`t know their whole life. You only see what they allow you to see. You can create your own space online and paint it in whatever colour or colours you like. Black, grey, blue, yellow, red, orange, pink. That`s one of many reasons people find social media helpful. You can show people your so called perfect life, or you can show them your tears. It`s up to you. You shape your own reality online. But to be honest, you never really know someone 100 % by their blog, or by their social media. So don`t think you know absolutely everything there is to know about someone or judge someone based on their online presence, because for all you know an outfit might be a disguise and someone who seems happy is crying themselves to sleep.



Today when I got up, my mum said “it`s -10 outside today”. I didn`t want to believe it, but yep, it was quite cold this morning compared to yesterday. What`s going on, Norway? I was right when I said last week that spring isn`t arriving anytime soon, but I wanted to change my mind yesterday when I was able to walk outside without scarves, gloves and with my jacket open. Happily it got “warmer” in the afternoon and I think spring is not that far away (even though it snowed just yesterday. Norway, you know). Also, I started crying this morning when I heard about Stephen Hawking… I wasn`t a fan of him, but I “grew up” knowing his name and knowing who he was. It feels like everyone`s slowly dying – Michael Jackson, Sri Devi, and now Stephen Hawking. It scares me. Stephen was such an inspiring person and despite the circumstances, he never gave up. Like he said: ” However difficult life may seem, there`s always something you can do, and succeed at. It matters that you just don`t give up.” Not only did he say that, he also lived according to it his whole life.


I went to the Pakistani Embassy today to pick up my mum`s passport, and then went to school. I and some other students talked about how tired we are of the university and how want to get out, which all of us are next semester (thank God). I`m looking very excited to go to Maastricht next semester!! (I was about to say tomorrow. Yes, I`m in a hurry). By the way, one of the students I talked with yesterday is also going to study at the University of Maastricht. So, turns out I`ll know one person when I`m there, haha, but I bet that`ll be nice.