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Aaaaand I`m back in Norway. Wow. That happened fast. It`s kind of hard to believe that the trip has come to an end. We were planning, thinking and talking so much about Venice and Bolzano, and now we`ve already been there. I`ve had a great time with my family, it`s the first time we did a family vacation in a city where none of us lives and we enjoyed it. I`m the oldest cousin in my mum`s family and seeing all my cousins growing up and going through different stages is fun and interesting. Hopefully we`ll see each other again next year.

Now I`ve got about one month left of my summer vacation and then boom clap, another school year will begin. I`m looking forward to that! Travel posts will by the way be up from next week of. 😎


What a beautiful city Venice is. I’m glad I get to travel again, but I also think about all the time I haven’t got and all the places I won’t get to see. So many things to see and so little time. That makes me sad. There are so many places to see in Italy and now I can cross of another one on my mental list: Venice. A great city with old buildings, a nice atmosphere and a lot of water which surrounds most of the city. The weather is very hot, though, which is something I’ll mention a houndred times more, haha. But yesterday the rain was pouring down and it started thundering down. It seemed like some people were panicking, the skies went grey, our shoes got wet and so did the city in a few minutes. I know thunder can be dangerous, but I was enjoying the weather so much. More of that, pretty please.

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Right now we are on our way to Bolzano, where we’re going to spend a few days at my aunt’s house. We’ve already travelled for about two hours and have got about two hours left. I’ve been told Bolzano is a beautiful place, as well, so I’m looking forward to getting off the bus.


Ciao again Italy and ciao Venezia! Or Venice, which is the English name. So far Venice has been treating us nice; so has the weather. It`s veeeeeery hot, but thank God they have air conditioner inside the buses and inside shops, restaurants and at the hotel. Venice has a lot of old buildings, like Amsterdam, and they`re painted with calming colours. We landed yesterday morning, spent the day exploring the island or the city – I`m not sure if I understand how Venice is built up, because someone at the airport told us there`s a Venice iseland and then there`s Venice the city. But, at least we`ve gotten to known Venice a littile more! We checked in at the hotel last night and this morning we met my German family. So nice to see them again.

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Here are a few photos from yesterday. I`ll write much more about our trip when I get home again, that`s easier. 🙂 We came to the hostel about an hour ago and soon I`m off to bed. Tomorrow`s going to be our last full day in Venice, but we don`t really have much planned, so we`ll see what we end up doing.

Hope everyone`s enjoying summer, in one way or another. I know I`m enjoying it extra more right now, since I get to travel again. 😎


UK TIME: 04.21

Hello from London! Or, from Stansted airport because I don`t count this as being in London. We had our first flight last night from Oslo to London, and are waiting for our next one which will take us to Venice. And I knoooow, not very environmental friendly but there`s something called money and time too. At least we`re taking the bus to Bolzano.

Since we`re waiting I thought I`d blog a little, as I don`t know how much I will be able to blog on this trip. When I was sitting at the airplane earlier, I couldn`t help but smile. I`m getting to travel again!! Travelling is one of the things that give me happiness and inspiration, and I`m also excited to see some of my family again. But first I and my mum are going to explore the city a little on our own later today, when we arrive in Italy. So far our trip has been pretty much smooth, apart from when we were at the station and realised that the train wasn`t going to come until one hour later. It annoyes me how they promote themselves by claiming it`s environmental and easy to catch the train, but now it departures every second hour in the evening as it`s summer. I mean, what eco friendly. We rushed to the bus station and obviously managed to not miss our flight (which was one hour late too, by the way, but I would not have been completely shocked if we had missed it), but I`m still annoyed at the company. If they want people to leave their cars at home or at the parking lot they need to offer other solutions!! Finitio.

And with that I`m going to log off here and make sure that I don`t miss the flight to Italy either. Ciao. ✌️



I find blog a weird concept, in a way. I read several blogs pretty much every day, but I find it kind of weird how it`s possible to have a space where you share whatever you`d like, whether that`s what you`re up to in your life, daily outfits, stories you`ve written or your own thoughts and opinions on various topics. Like do we actually have this need to share so much with the whole world?

There have been times where I`ve posted something and then been like “eh, maaaaybe I shouldn`t have written that” because even though I write quite a lot of personal posts and have decided to have a blog, the idea that anyone can just click into my blog and read what I`m up to certain days is.. weird. It`s a bit too scary. I`ve never lived in “the old days”, but it must have been so fantastic in so many ways. You and pretty much your own business, you would write letters and reach people by showing up at their door. Now you`re almost socially dead if you don`t have a phone, because how else are people going to reach you? It`s been a year since I got my smartphone, and the other day someone said something along the lines of “it`s more practical to have a smartphone, it`s easier to reach people”. Easier to reach to people on Facebook and WhatsApp? I`m not so sure. It’s not like anyone’s forcing me to have a blog, I can whenever I want to choose to shut it down and do something else, but I want to have a blog. However, if you want to create your very own content, you have to share something about yourself. That could be thoughts, opinions or updates on what’s going on in your life. I don’t mind, but it’s a weird thing that people I’ve never met probably know my name because they’ve read it on here while I don’t know anything about them. It’s weird to think that some people that are strangers to me, know what I’m studying, know about my exchange semester in the Netherlands and know a little of what I’m up to some days.

Many days I enjoy blogging, others days I`m like “what for, what to share, I want to hide away”. Literally. We live in a strange world and I don`t get how people share so much of their lives every single day.

And I just blogged a little, as well, but I’m not sure if I know what exactly a blog is.



Hola to you. It`s July already and earlier today I thought “school starts next month”. Time is flying by, so now I`m forreal trying to enjoy my summer vacation. The next semester is going to be hectic. I got the courses I did in the Netherlands evaluated, by the way. So glad about that, but there are still a few changes I want to do when it comes to my courses. It`s a bit difficult to know if I`m making the right choices, but I`m determined to work hard and if that means doing more than three courses, then that`s what it means.

Processed with VSCO with  presetI finished a few days ago this book which I wasn`t sure if I was able to understand, but it`s probably the first book I`ve ever read that talks about death anxiety. I`m not sure if the main character deals with that, but it seemed like that to me. It was nice to read some of my own thoughts in a book. I`m currently reading a book written by a Muslim woman who wants to find voices in different Muslim communities which we usually don`t see in the media. I`m thinking of writing a post at the end of the vacation about some of the books I have and will be reading this summer. Processed with VSCO with m3 presetProcessed with VSCO with  preset

Else? I`m getting ready for Italy. Tomorrow we`re off. So excited about that. Yesterday evening I and my mum were trying to figure out what Pakistani suits to bring with us, and she found some old clothes she used to wear when she was at my age. Some of them looked so nice on me and I`m looking forward to wearing them. The livingroom is a mess because of that, though, so I need to do something about that + finish my part of the packing after getting off the laptop.

Hope you`re enjoying this summer and having a lovely day. Blog ya later. 🖤




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YASS, I`m soon off to Italy again! Sooo excited about that. I and my mum are going to Venice next week, we`ll spend the whole weekend there with my aunt and cousins who live in Germany and then we`ll spend a few days at my aunt`s house in Bolzano. I`ve been to Italy before, I went to Milan and stayed there for two nights during my exchange semester. Looking forward to exploring another two Italian cities. The only thing I`m not that much excited about, is the weather. I mean, it`s 25 degrees here and it feels like 45. 35 is going to be too much, but I`ll get to travel so I`ll try to not think too much about that. I survived one month in Pakistan last year, by the way, so I`ll be just fine.

This is something I`ve been looking forward to for some weeks now. Going to be so fun to start packing and the preparations. If you`ve been to Bolzano or Venice, do share your recommendations. Things to do, where to go, any vegetarian restaurants you know about, any tips.

eeeeeh, I`ll get to travel again.