I was going to post about something else, but that has to wait because something way more important matters now. Have you heard about Aaron Swartz? Only five hours ago I had no idea who he was, but now he`s someone I look up to and my inspiration. Don`t know who he was? Don`t worry. I`ll tell you.20130213-aaron-swartz-624x420-1360787689

Aaron Swartz was born November, 1986. Already as a young boy he was interested in learning and in computers. Aaron was an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, writer, blogger, political organizer and activist and Internet hackivist. He was involved in developing the web feed format RSS and the Markdown publishing forman, the organization Creative Commons, the website framework and the social news site, Reddit. The January 11th 2013 he commit suicide by hanging himself in his own room under federal indictment for data-theft.1358108782277aaron

Now, this might look like ordinary things to you since we`re living in a modern world where technology and internet are dominating our world. But, what struck me, is how he managed to make an impact on this world. He knew very well the danger and yet. Yet he stood up for himself and billions of other people who use the internet every single day. He might have been more into his own country, the USA, and their laws. But I`m sure there are a lot of other countries where internet isn`t a human right and where people don`t have the freedom to express themselves. Aaron was just a little boy when he had this urge to make a change. He wanted to create a better world where so many people didn`t have the same privilege. gSoXS2q

A boy`s will is the wind`s will, and the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts. I don`t know how to explain the magic he did, but all I can say is he really did some magic. He wanted people to be able to express themselves, to have the access to all kind of journal documents that the Congress didn`t allow the population to read. I think this says a lot about the USA and frankly, the country keeps disappointing me and a lot of other countries around the whole world. Aaron was arrested because he stood up for freedom and fairness. He downloaded tons of documents from Jstor. That makes me so frustrated because he only wanted to make a good difference, but no. USA is so obsessed with following the law that they arrested someone who just wanted the best for people. I don`t know what to say, other than that I`m speechless and the USA desperately needs a way better president than Barrack Obama or else, someone else will not get justice and might end up like Aaron did in the very end. I hope the world sees what actually happened. It made me really sad to know he had commited suicide because he simply couldn`t take it no more. It makes me sad to see his Twitter account and read a tweet written by him only two days before his death. It makes me sad that something like this happened in United States of Money, a country which claims its got a superpower and wants its best for its people. This is what a 26-year-old boy got when he tried to tell people that what was going on, is really wrong.

But he didn`t die in vain. He didn`t, even if he didn`t win. He did win, because even if the law wanted him dead (Let`s say it did, even if it didn`t), his voice isn`t dead. His voice keeps speaking to us and he left his prints. And that`s why I`m inspired. You don`t need to be 30 to have an impact on this world. Aaron started as a little boy and look where he got. He raised his voice and kept going. He believed in changes and the human power. He wanted us to ask ourselves if we`re doing something important or not. If we`re not, why aren`t we? One thing Aaron said and that totally got me, was “Once I realized that there were real serious problems, fundamental problems, that I could do something to adress, I didn`t see a way to forget that; I didn`t see a way not to.” This says a lot about Aaron as a person and a human being and this is why he`ll forever inspire me. Most people in the USA are scared of the outcome and the Congress is happy about that because they succeed when it comes to stopping people from doing what they call “criminal” actions. But what did Aaron do? He wanted to set himself as an example and so he did.

Something else he said, was “This is your life, this is your country – and if you want to keep it safe, you need to get involved.” Oh My, this is so accurate and speaks for so many people. In my opinion, so many people expect changes without willing to do anything to be the change. This isn`t only about security, it could be about anything else. If you want bullying to stop, you need to get involved. If you want justice, you need to step forward and be an example. You can`t just say “Why isn`t there justice?” and then not treat your human beings right. I`m so tired of seeing this everywhere. My classmates complain about teachers not doing their jobs and students making the classroom noisy, but do they want to do something about it? Nope. It`s like this everywhere. We`re setting our own society, our own country in fire and we`re not doing much apart from watching it burn down.

Like I said, Aaron didn`t die in vain and I want to keep his thoughts and life in my mind and be like him. I want to set an example and not care whether the government supports me or not. There`s so much wrong going on in this world and like him, I want to make those things things of the past. If you want to show the world that his magic doesn`t end with his death, I hope you`ll join me.

R.I.P. (If only it meant “Return if possible”)PCO12nM.jpg


24 thoughts on “THE INTERNET`S BOY

    1. Thanks, Barbara! I love these quotes – they include a great message to not only me, but everyone! I`m so fascinated by this that I even thought of having a presentation about him in class, haha..


    1. Thanks, Michelle! You`re so right – it`s ridicilous that this happens in the United States of America, which claims to have justice and fairness for its people. Aaron`s way of doing it might have been wrong to most people, but he had to do it looking at the law.

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