I`ve been so frustrated about the USA and what happened to Aaron Swartz. Now it seems like I`m obsessed with his story and I won`t say I`m not, because it really inspired me and it`ll keep inspiring me every day. But what`s irritating, is that this will just keep happening in the United States of Money. JStor did allow the population to have access to half of the documents, according to the information I read. But is that enough? And what does the Congress want?

Like with any other story, people say they`re sorry when something such as this, happens. What happens afterwards? Aaron might not be gone in our hearts, but we forget him for a while, keep partying and when it`s 11th January we start feeling sorry and pray again. This makes me sick. What has the USA done to prevent this from happening again? Not much, I`m afraid. And this hurts because Barrack Obama claim he`ll give people the rights they deserve and make their lives better. Yet, so many black african people are still suffering in a country which claims to have freedom. Yet, so many animals are being used and treated in such an unhuman way just so we can fill our faces and stomachs. Yet, so many people don`t get justice. What for? I don`t know what the USA wants, apart from interfering in pretty much every single country and putting their nose into other business. While they`re too blind to see their own serious and real problems. And what`s funny is Barrack Obama would maybe deny this and say “But we`re done this and that”. Yeah, that`s why a 26-year-old man didn`t get his share of justice when he only tried to give his country more freedom, rights and knowledge. Instead, he was haunted to death.I don`t believe suicide is a way to suffering. His family believes he had enough and couldn`t handle the situation and the stress which followed. I wish Aaron had chosen to continue the battle, because his life was a life worth living. But what happened, had to happen. What we can do, is finish the battle for him. We can keep fighting for our rights. We can`t say “Aaron, you inspire me to become a better person” and then sit there for another 50 years and not do a single thing for our rights. THAT is not fair if we want to keep his memory and spirit alive.

We have to keep fighting. Aaron didn`t die in vain, he said something our society has to do something about. He did what other people were afraid to do because of the law.

I really hope the USA changes its path and start doing something about their own country. It might has money, but it doesn`t have superpower. Having a superpower, you should do what others can`t do, you should set foot prints that others can follow. What does the United States of Money do? They give unjustice to someone who questioned the system and wanted to change it for the better. Maybe that`s why people are afraid to step forwards and change the world because they`re too scared about the outcome. This happened during the French Revolution too and it will continue to happen until people start using their brains and not the law or the rules as an excuse. USA knows really well what`s happening in their country, but are too blinded by how it`s supposed to be according to their laws.

Thank you so much for inspiring me and hopefully a lot of other people to stand up and say what you need to say despite your shaking voice. You knew very well what you were doing and yet you were capable to stand as an example. I hope that in the future I`ll be able to do the very same and not care about what other people might say. I hope I can use my voice to adress something that needs to be changed. Your life might be over, but it keeps inspiring me.



8 thoughts on “MONEY? YES. SUPERPOWER? NO.

  1. a 26 years old man -HYPHENS MISSING

    If the adjective phrase (twenty-year-old) comes before the noun it modifies, use hyphens AND no -s on ‘old’; if the adjective phrase comes after the verb (usually be or some other non-action verb) AND not before a noun, don’t use any hyphens and add -s on ‘old.

    My twenty-year-old cousin lives in Canada.
    He is twenty years old.
    He is a twenty-year-old Canadian man.


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