I feel fat and ugly and worthless. I am fat. I hate what I look like and I feel fat and ugly. I am disgusting.”

That got me thinking. Who the hell in this society has decided who`s ugly or not? Who has decided WHAT is ugly? Who`s put these labels around and made it hard for ordinary girls to believe they are good enough? Who made it hard for us to believe we are gorgeous and amazing and beautiful? Ugh, how many times have I not heard something like this? It`s to be seen in the newspapers, articles, essays, on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. It`s everywhere, so people would say “no doubt she thinks she`s ugly when she lives in a society like this”.

Is it legal to say I don`t agree? Don`t forget we are the society. We made it this way. But, despite what the society believes, we should follow our own paths and ways. You`re not ugly just because your mama said so and you`re not fat just because someone said so. Again, who has made the word fat? Was there a limit? Are you automatically fat if your weigh is 70 kgs when you`re 15? What is being fat about? We`ve given up too much and just end up following people`s words and believe it`s the truth without giving it a real, single thought.

I think so much is beautiful. Doesn`t matter what size you use, whether it`s XS or XL. It`s about so much more than the size and I hear that all the time then why this?DSC_1986Then I started thinking about what we mean by calling ourselves these ugly things. We talk about the way we look, about our hips, lips, hair, face, stomach and legs. Either your lips look too big, or your thick legs are the problem. Why, though? I thought beauty came from your heart, not from your lips or legs? Feels like I`m the only one left who thinks that way, because people will claim the same but once it comes to judging themselves they`ll look at themselves in the mirror and claim they look disgusting. It IS this way.

That`s not why I haven`t showed my face and decided to stay anonymious on my blog. I believe I`m beautiful and hell, if people think I`m ugly, what so? I know I have a beautiful heart because I actually do care about people and that IS enough. Yeah, maybe I wouldn`t be so confident if I was fat, I don`t know that. But, whenever I look at my heart and forget how I look I automatically think I`m beautiful. Why is beauty always considered as makeup, hair and body? Who the hell put those labels and thoughts into our heads? Who made beauty mean that?

I wish we would stop reading people from their toes and up whenever they show up in a new room, just because we want to see if they look pretty or nasty. Bastard, much? I can`t stand it when a girl whispers to her friend and says “the guy to the left looks great”, when 5 random guys enter the bar. Are you trying to tell me the rest look ugly according to you? Oh, it`s such a shame those labels even exist. We`re no one to judge, and even if you simply have to, look at the inner side. Not outside. Beauty doesn`t come from the face, it comes from your heart. A nightmare can be dressed like a daydream.

So to the girl who called herself ugly last night or one week ago. You are beautiful. Who cares about the outside? After all, Mr. Right isn`t going to pick you up because of your whether thin or thick legs. The right people will look at your personality, your heart. NOT at your lips, your hands or your stupid stomach. You are gorgeous, smart and pretty, because you are who you are. People who play according to looks have nothing to give. Be with people that can give you something important to remember and look back at when you`re 90 and you can`t sleep at night. DSC_1990


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