Yesterday I voted for the first time. Here you have to be either 18 or turning 18 the year it`s an election. I won`t say anything about the result because even though it`s interesting, it doesn`t say much about what`s going to happen the next four years. Also, I must confess it was fun to vote and it`s weird how the people in Athen made up this kind of a democracy!

Voting is important. You`ve no right to complain if you don`t vote. But what if you vote? Of course you can then, haha! I was confused about voting, because I don`t feel like many politicans do much about certain things there should be done about. They keep arguing about how they want them to be, but when is there much done? I must say, I`m lucky to be living in a great country like Norway, but I`m saying that looking at my own life. Looking around me, there are too many selfish people. TOO MANY. tumblr_lxb5m3Hm1P1qae7e2o1_1280

What do they do about bullying? Where were the politicans while I was being bullied for 10 years? Where are they while animals are being humiliated and treated in such an unhuman way? Or why don`t they give justice to people who only want to do something right?

I don`t know if voting will change much, but I do know WE can do something. I don`t have to be working in the government to make a change. When people say “But I`m just a little person in this world, how can I possibly change the world?”, I couldn`t agree less. Those are the people who have no plans to make this world a better place to live in. You don`t have to be 40 to be the change. You can be 14 – Aaron Swartz completely prooved that. I`m only 17 and I`ve already stood up for myself. I`m going to keep fighting. You don`t only make a difference through voting. It`ll never be too soon when it comes to making this world a better place to live in. Start now, whether you`re 15, 25 og 45. YOU are a part of this society. WE are the society.

Not doing anything to adress a problem which you know exists, is a shame. It`s a real, real shame. 


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