Hey lovelies! First of all, I want to thanks those who`ve been reading my posts and liked them! That means a lot. I love writing and blogging is a really good way to let go of my thoughts and opinions!

Over to what matters to me today – IT`S MY BIRTHDAAAAYYYY! WOHO, way to go. One year closer to death. Nah, I`m just kidding, haha. This is unbelieveable. I`m turning 18 today which means I`m authoritative. I can get my driver`s license now and vote. I`ve voted, but licence? Hoh, I`ve got better things to do! That`s what I tell everyone, hehe. (And it`s true too.)

Today`s been a great day as I`ve got plenty of presents from Italy and Pakistan. My mum ordered some clothes for me which will arrive a little later and so will a package from Germany. Ah, thanks to everyone who`ve wished me (especially to those who ACTUALLY remembered it) and been so kind to me. I`m now 18 and I hope you guys want to keep following my journey, as I want to do a lot of things the next years. ♥


PS: If you want me to post a summary of my year as a 17-year-old girl, let me know! Like this post and it`ll be up by tomorrow. Have a nice evening ahead. I shall end my birthday in an amazing way and enjoy what`s left. 


4 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY GIRL

  1. All the best to you on your 18th birthday! May this day be filled with dreams and hopes! May your family and friends fill your heart with love. Wishing you all the simple joys of life today and for all the days to come. Please also take a moment to appreciate how awesome you are!Yeah, I am talking about YOU! Happy birthday!

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