One topic I`ve always been interested in, is love. Especially forbidden love. Every love story is unique, but I must confess the COMPLICATED ones are more interesting. In Norway it`s typical to be together for some time and break up. I won`t say these love stories are boring because there`s always going to be something special and strong about love, but some couples are just. . You can see it on their face. You know they`re in love, even if they pretend like they`re not. They can`t stand each other, but do want to be with each other. I love such love stories! Ah, they make me so inspired and I think there`s something extra ordinary when a couple loves, but can`t achieve. all-you-need-is-love

That`s the case with Olya. We saw the documentary Olya`s love yesterday and even though homosexuality isn`t really a topic that fires something in me, it`s interesting. I think people should be allowed to love, despite who they love. During the movie there were some Orthodox Jews or Christians who told Olya`s going to hell and she repent her sins. I don`t understand one thing. Those people believe so much in God, but how come they forget God made and makes everything? He gave us birth and he will take life away from us. Those people should believe everything happens for a reason. The Bible clearly says “Love your neighbour like you love yourself” then why does these extremists forget these really important things? God made homosexuality, according do their beliefs, then why this hate? No, I`ll never understand. I have to admit it sounded weird first. Boys and boys and girls and girls? I had never heard of that, but now I`m used to it. Love is love.

The documentary was interesting and it`s a shame how Olya fights for her and other people`s right to love who they want to love without politics interfering, while Galya abandoned her and gave up. She didn`t really look powerful to start with, so I did expect she wouldn`t keep it up. The fire wasn`t in her eyes. I saw Olya`s courage, I saw how the interest was there and I saw how she wanted to make a difference. We even met her afterwards and I must say that was amazing! Seeing someone live and not only on a screen is always a great pleasure.

But, during the movie a thought occured my mind. How do people expect same-sex families to be able to live together and love without people stepping at them and telling them what they`re doing is abnormal and a sin, when even so many heterosexual people aren`t allowed to be together? I think it`s a little stupid. Maybe I shouldn`t compare these two cases and maybe I should leave them for themselves, but just think about it. Boys and girls and girls and boys. So many people in my culture are forced to marry someone they don`t love or if a girl and boy fall in love, the families try to tear them apart. “It doesn`t suit for a girl to fall in love.” If so many people have come that far, then how do people expect homosexual people to be together without any problem?

Forbidden love is always going to be one of my favourite topics to talk about, perhaps because I`m a part of a culture where this phenomen exists. Olya`s love gave me another perspective and made me realise even more that the USA isn`t the only country in the world with a chaotic system – Russia is following behind. One day we`ll be able to love whoever we want to, because let`s face it, you don`t pick someone and say “Oh la la, I`m going to fall head over heels for him!” It just happens. Let`s keep fighting for love (and then I mean love, not sleeping around, being with someone for 2 days and changing boys faster than you change clothes.) And I hope till then, we don`t let the law stop us. Throughout the history we`ve seen how people have kept fighting and not given up. By giving up, you give up love. And that`s a shame. maxresdefault


5 thoughts on “WHY DO WE MAKE IT SO HARD?

  1. Please capitalize the Bible ( but not biblical)
    -The names of God, holy books, religious figures and specific deities should be capitalized:

    God the Father
    the Virgin Mary
    the Koran
    the Bible
    the Greek gods


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