This is a letter I wrote to the principle of my school due to the loneliness I was suffering from, and behalf of other students as well. Not many days later I sent this to Norway`s biggest newspaper, which published it. In addition to that, I thought I`d show you guys the origional letter. Let me know your thoughts and opinions!      

Where do I begin? I`ve been thinking about writing this for the past month, but decided to look around me first. Do you know what? It actually didn`t matter, because nothing has changed between the humanity through the summer vacation and it wouldn`t either.

You`re probably wondering who I am and what I`m talking about. Let me explain you some of it. I`m talking about the evilness at school. You might not call it that, but rather a social problem or what do I know. But in the very end, it`s evilness. Don`t you think it is when several students are sitting alone and nobody seems to care about them? Damn, just writing about this is frustrating and sad. Every day I see several students sitting alone. They`re just sitting there and are looking at nothing – as if they`re waiting for someone. What do I know? Maybe I cannot speak for them, because maybe they`re not always alone or maybe they really are waiting for someone. But I can speak up for myself and another girl who I`ve ALWAYS seen alone. Nobody will care, and I also know that barely anyone does. Why on earth have a student council when they`re not even doing their job? Why have employees who don`t care about the boy or girl who`s sitting alone time after time in the classroom and is totally lonely? Why do we have a principle who`s not seeing this and doing something about this? I don`t get it.kjI always sit alone and the same does at least one girl I have two or three subjects with. This is my second year, and names play no roles here. Last year she was always sitting alone, and it`s just the same this year. So inconceivable upsetting, and NOBODY ELSE than me cares about her. That`s why I have, unlike other people, sat with her and talked with her. I bet it must be weird for her to see someone who actually bothers doing that. I think it`s strange to her to see that someone actually cares. How unbelieveably sad. Or look at me. I believe I`m a very strong girl who`s still going through a lot, but no one cares. How sad. I walk in, and everyone`s sitting with someone. Is THIS what you as a principle stands for? I hope you never meant to make it like this, but at the same time I guess it`s okay to you because you haven`t done anything about it. 

Almost everyone at school is caught up with make-up and looks. Passing them hurts, because you never really get a smile. What hurts is meeting a youth which is self-centered and doesn`t really care about other people. If the reality isn`t like this, then prove it. I would say the reality is like this. Whoever can talk themselves full about caring, but when it comes to actions most people can actually just go to hell. Don`t get me wrong, but it`s just the truth. I walk in, and no one cares about that I`m sitting there. I could for everything be gone or not existence. And then everyone claims they`re nice people who care about their friends? Oh, please. I don`t need that nonsense. There`s barely any real people left on this earth. I`m sitting there in the classroom, and no one cares enough to just walk up to me and talk to me for some few minutes. To ask someone for a smile is like begging them to go and die. Barely anyone has time anymore, barely anyone has a heart anymore.

It hurts to sit alone at school for 6-8 hours almost every single day. When almost everyone`s sitting with somebody, and the ones who`re left alone is just plain air. If anyone actually cares, they can just easily walk up to me and drop by for a little chat? One year ago I was new at this school, and to add to it I was from Oslo. Which means that I didn`t know a name, while the other students at least knew one name. This made things a little worse for me, and I don`t feel like it`s been any better for me. This is the reason for why I said no to this birthday party which is being held this Friday. Why on earth do they want me there when they don`t even bother saying hey to me at school? There`s been said that it`s nice to be with me and I`m appreciated, but then why am I not being spent time with  at the same level? Where`s the equality and what not which we take for granted today?

God, I feel like I`ve said much of what I wanted to when I haven`t said half of what I wanted to express. Anyways, you get the picture. If you care, you can do something about this. Or at least wake up, if you know what I mean? You might not be able to do anything about this, because it`s not really possible to make someone who doesn`t want to be nice, nice. But you can at least realize what`s going on around you. The teachers need to be more aware, and the students need to understand that they can`t keep this up anymore. I seriously believe there`s no one like me at this school, so you know what? We`ll keep it as simple as this: If I`m right, then just say so. And if I`m wrong, then prove it. It`s about time you do your job a little better, because till now it hasn`t been enough. Or do you know what? It`s not really your fault.

I can`t bark up the wrong tree here.


3 thoughts on “DEAR PRINCIPLE

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