Some time before my birthday I had decided to do something – on Facebook, it`s up to you whether you want people to know your birthday or not. This time I hid away my birthday so no one would get a notification or a reminder. Why? To see if anyone remembered my birthday.

Of course my mum and teacher advertised for my birthday, haha. But my family knew my birthday anyway, as they sent me clothes and really nice cards all the way from Pakistan, Germany and Italy. My mum made cake and cupcakes for me and I had a lovely birthday. Meanwhile, nobody from Oslo remembered my birthday. And the excuse “I forgot” can be used, but it`s odd when. . absolutely N-O-N-E remembers? Comparing it to last year when everyone else did, I do know why it`s this way. Facebook didn`t let them know.

I`m not saying I know everyone`s birthday, but I try to remember because “do to others what you would want them to do to others.” I KNOW how nice it is when people say “Happy Birthday! Have an amazing celebrating”. I`d want people to say that ONCE a year. At school I always used to be the one remembering my birthday and I knew when my classmates had their birthdays. I also brought ice cream on my own special day and shared, because sharing is caring. So, when nobody from Oslo, who claims to be my best friends, wishes me, I do know it`s because nobody reminded them. No, wait. It`s because Facebook didn`t remind them, like it did last year. And what`s weird is that even when people know, they don`t bother wishing me.

I posted a status on my Facebook where I mentioned some of this, and this girl was all like “Hey, hey, do you remember my birthday?” I mean. . first of all, you`re not funny. And secondly, what`s the point of commenting that? I don`t take such people seriously. They only read the parts they want to read. The whole point wasn`t “I remember everyone`s birthday while nobody knows mine!”. The message was “Facebook has taken over our birthdays too.” My birthday totally prooved that. Yeah, I do get a reminder on Facebook too whenever someone has birthday, but if I try to bear in mind everyone`s birthdays. The day before mine a girl in my class turned 18, and she`s NOT in my friendlist. Since I had kept that in mind, I wished her. It`s not much harder.

I had an amazing birthday, I received a lot of gifts and I`m so thankful and greatful. Especially because of my family. Thanks to everyone who wished me and made my own birthday one of my best! It means a lot. ♥

PS: If I wasn`t thankful, I wouldn`t be wearing this dress my aunt sent me for my birthday. Just for your record. 😉



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