I just read the sentence “America is the most powerful country in the world”. Why does one single sentence makes me so frustrated? I understand why people want to visit the USA. It could be due to holiday or work, but why does people look at that country as a high rated country which has got everything? It hasn`t got everything. There`s so much poverty, they`ve got NO justice. People there want to do something good for the society and the world and what does the government do? They don`t let them. So what amazing, wonderful, gorgeous and extraordinary is there about the USA? Yeah, it`s got its own culture, history and aspects just like any other country in the world. It just seems like. . people act like the United States of Money is the best country in the whole, wide world, when that`s not even the truth. I know about people here in Norway who`ve been treated awfully, but we do a lot of things the USA doesn`t. They poke their nose into others business, they act like a supreme country and the world`s police and I`m just tired of people honouring them as if they`re the biggest God in the universe. I know they`ve done a lot of great things too, but looking at today the great things are less than the sad and negative ones. Aaron Swartz wasn`t smarter than anyone else, he just asked the right questions and I wish so many more of us would do that. We`re too caught up in our own bubble with coffee and Big Brother.

I just want people to realise what the USA is doing and ask the right questions. There are so many poor people there, but even those who`re not rich, aren`t capable of getting enough justice from the government. Barack Obama gave the world so many promises which most of them are either forgotten, broken or disgusted. Making wars and conflicts is the key to peace. Why don`t people think of that? Why are most people caught up with Victoria Secret, Starbucks and American football? Argh, I think about this every single day. It just makes me want to cry.

Why isn`t it sad when someone`s isn`t let by people around him to change the world?



5 thoughts on “WHY ISN`T THE USA TRAGIC?

  1. THIS IS ALL SO TRUE! I think about this every time we visit the states, how lovely it seems on the outside when you are just there visiting, but how terrifying it would be to actually live there! I feel like they are kind of a secret society, who paint a pretty picture, but hide a very ugly truth! They also have the whole rebellion against the police and the amount of money they spend on their army instead of the people! I completely agree with you! Loved this post!

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    1. I couldn`t agree less! That`s what makes me so frustrated. Them being the world`s police and sending their army to for example Syria, and not fixing their own problems. On top of it, they don`t talk about the unjustice they do to the people living there. I really hope something gets done! Thanks, Sydney. I`m glad you loved it. 😀

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        1. Nah, I don`t have much hope for the next president. Most people, not only Americans, though Obama would change the whole “world” and he even recieved the Nobel Prize. If there`s anything who can do something here, it`s pretty much us:)


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