This is the story about girls who`re not girls. Girls who can`t run around. Girls who can`t play. Girls who all the time have to give a second thought to what they`re doing. Girls who can`t laugh hard in public. Girls who`re not worth it if they don`t know how to do cooking. Girls who have to cover themselves before they step out of the door, because they`re girls and they can`t make themselves look pretty in front of boys and men. Girls who`re yelled at because they leave the house for a couple of minutes. Girls who aren`t allowed to do this and that, because they`re girls. Girls, but not humans.

I`ve been in Pakistan this year. Not only once, but twice. My last time was years ago, and I knew on purpose what was ahead of me. Or, maybe I didn`t. Or else, I wouldn`t have been writing this. I have seen and heard things which just aren`t suitable for my poor ears. I hear a lot of rubbish, and happily I`m not one of those who bow down and do as I`m asked to if I don`t like what the person in front of me is saying. But unfortunately, not everybody`s got ears like mine.

I was there due to two weddings, and the first night I and the other kids were playing outside. The “grown ups” were sitting inside, talking for what felt like 10 years, so we decided to go outside and play a little. In front of the house there`s a big space. While playing, some of the grown ups showed up and said we can`t play outside, because “girls shouldn`t be running around.” Excuse me, but what the hell? Pakistanis are too busy thinking about honour and respect, and according to them it`s a shame if someone notices us girls running around, playing. Seriously? That`s just pathetic and silly. Shouldn`t a thirteen years old girl be allowed to have a little fun? And it`s not even the kind of fun you usually think about when we mention the word “fun”. Why do we always have to hide ourselves away and not live the life we want to? This time we weren`t asking for too much. We just wanted to have some fun and laugh together, but nopsey dopsey. That`s not okay. It doesn`t look good on a girl. It doesn`t look nice. What if older men and young buys see you that way? Oh, yeah, then it`s a shame for the family and much whispering might take place. That cannot happen, you know, because then we`ll loose respect and honour. Oh, and you won`t get married. That`s way more important than children`s development and needs. Oh, and you won`t get a man if you don`t know how to cook.

God, this makes me ghastly irritated. I totally forgot this exists in Pakistan. There`s so much shit there, and I don`t care about what people who love Pakistan, think. I`ve seen this with my own eyes, and no matter what these psycho people say, it`s neither good or healthy for them. Already the first day I met bunches of garbage around the streets and ways, little kids as beggars and people who survive by selling bananas. This is of course sad, but it`s shocking how people live in this. They end up defending their own country and say “Everything`s best here”, while I`m about to go all like “No, not really. Don`t get me started”. Best? I have to laugh. I`m not saying this “just because I`m from Norway”. I`m saying this because I use my own brain and think independently.

I`ve met several girls in Pakistan. Some I know, some I don`t. I know their lives to some extent and my own in Norway, but they can`t understand what exists in Norway because they`ve never been told what exists outside. They don`t seem interested in my life, because I express things like “But it`s not like that in Norway”. They can`t understand it`s not like this in Norway. When I say I go to school for free at an age of 18, they can`t understand that. They have no plans to visit any other country than Pakistan at this moment, and I feel so sorry for them who`s stuck with a life like that.

This doesn`t only speak for the girls, but right now it`s about the girls. I`m so freaking tired, and then I really mean freaking tried of the treatment girls get in the country I am from. Fine, Pakistan is Pakistan, in their opinion. But then I should also be allowed to say Pakistan isn`t a good country to live in. Oh, yeah. It`s maybe not a bad country for those who don`t care about human rights, feminism, education, marriages, animal welfare, the environment and peace. It might not be a stupid country to live in for the girls who say yes to be married to a random guy just because their parents want them to. It might not be an awful country  for the extremists who believe religion is everything and nothing. It might not be a bad one to breathe in for the immoral people who say sanitary and clean water is important, but still throw garbage everywhere and in no man`s land.

It saddens me when I see how people here and in other countries don`t appreciate what they have. At least you`re able to go to school, learn new things every single day and become something. At least you can play around, at least you can live more.

I just hope things change one day. This isn`t about what Islam wants, this is about humanity. About lives. Girls are girls and boys are boys, but they have one thing in common: They`re humans. Start treating them like some too.

THANKS GOD this girl didn`t go around in dirty streets, begging for money. Thanks God this girl went to the kindergarden. And YES, this is me. DSC_2202


25 thoughts on “WHEN GIRLS AIN`T HUMANS

  1. How about you talk better side of Pakistan Dear? Where women are serving in every department of Pakistan. From Prime Minister to a housewife womens are involved in every single thing there. With due respect for them, They are given respect in Islam more than any other religion. If some of them are not allowed to play outside that does not mean women live in dark over there.
    *48% of Gov sector jobs are participating by women*
    *There are currently around 4,000 women who are serving in the Pakistan Armed Forces*

    How about you take a look on women in Norway?
    Report from Norway: Women at the top have less power than men
    No female at the top


    1. Frankly – why should I care about the department? If the Prime Minister was that amazing, the people would have been living way better:) And this isn`t about Islam – it`s about what people deserve and don`t. It`s about women`s right as individuals. This isn`t “only” about them not being able to play outside, that was just an example which clearly shows one how stupid most thinking patterns are there. If you`re going to comment such things thinking I`m stating this only because of that, you`re wasting your time. 😉


  2. How about you talk better side of Pakistan Dear? Where women are serving in every department of Pakistan. From Prime Minister to a housewife women are involved in every single department there. With due respect for, They are given respect in Islam more than any other religion. Islam is the one who covered women not HUMAN BEING and you cannot challenge religion. If some of them are not allowed to play outside that does not mean women live in dark over there and they don’t have permission to even breath.

    How about you take a look on women in Norway?
    Report from Norway: Women at the top have less power than men
    No female at the top.
    How about you look at the bright side of Pakistan. Some interesting facts about Pakistan.
    *38% of Gov sector jobs are participating by women*
    *There are currently around 4,000 women who are serving in the Pakistan Armed Forces*
    *First Female leader of Pakistan was in power Benazir Bhutto. She served two terms as prime minister of Pakistan, in 1985–90 and in 1993–96 whereas First Norwegian Female PM was in power in 1986*
    If you talk about education sector you should know that Enrolment ratios: females as a % of males 2008-2012*, Primary GER =82.3 (http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/pakistan_pakistan_statistics.html#12)

    I agree with you on some points that there are restrictions in Pakistani society but it result into a safe and secure family with bright future. No doubt Pakistani males try to COVER and PROTECT their women more than these so called open minded people around world.
    A question raised in mind that if women have less power or freedom in Pakistan then why ratio of divorce in Pakistan is less than Norway? Answer is simple. Every community, every country has pros and cons in their society. If you look at the statics of the world, countries with more female freedom for their dress styles and so called other social activities have high ratio of rapes.

    To be continue….


    1. Just because women are in the army and Benazir was the first female president, does that automatically mean Pakistan is a great country? It might be for people who only care about this. .-) It DOES NOT result into a safe family, it results into a lack of happiness and satisfication, but like the USA, most people hide it away.
      We are open minded, in fact I am, but that don`t mean we protect our women less. 😉 Pakistani men don`t allow most of their wives to go outside on their own – is that protecting OR CONTROLLING? Like you`re mentioning, every country has got their good and bad sides, but Norway is obviously better than Pakistan when it comes to many, many things. 🙂


  3. You should know that A report released in February 2014, found that 9.4 percent of the 2435 women surveyed and 1.1 percent of the 2091 interviewed men stated that they were raped in Norway. I could not stop my laugh when I read that Sweden, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, USA and Uk are on top of list in “Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime” where women are more empowered than man. ( /http://www.wonderslist.com/10-countries-highest-rape-crime/)

    Here are some links about what I have told different statics. Take some time to check these links before say more about women in Pakistan.
    Rape statics: /http://www.wonderslist.com/10-countries-highest-rape-crime/
    I hope everybody will look at the BRIGHT side of Pakistan before talk about it. Dont just look if anybody did not allow to play you outside as it might be their concern for your safety. Does not matter anybody agrees or not with this but these facts are based on TRUTH. My purpose is not arguing or disrespect of anybody. You might be right in your own opinion but I am telling you real face of Bright future Pakistan. I am not trying to prove Norway as bad country Not everything that is shiny and superficially attractive is valuable.

    Thank you all for reading this
    Have a wonderful day!


    1. I don`t need to read these sources, because you haven`t really read my post properly. I never said Norway is best – we`ve come far. You don`t need to tell me about what`s going on here, when I know rape happens a lot here. I`m aware of my country, take care of yours, please? 🙂


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