Yesterday we watched a movie called “Son of God”. The title clears it all up – it`s about Jesus. Christians believe he was God`s son, Muslims believe he was a prophet. During the movie I cried a lot.. That much, that I was afraid of having a banging headache later on. It was so sad and tragic. I felt mad and angry too. Jesus was killed because he claimed he was the son of God, he was the truth and he came with His message. Now, don`t start thinking this is another post about Jesus and how right he was. This is more like a wakeup call.

The society at that time believed whatever Jesus did, was wrong. They tortured him, they killed him. The movie was horrifying, yet an eye-opener. I don`t need to mention how damn stupid people were at that time, believing blindly in anything. When someone came and said something they didn`t agree with, they stabbed him to death. The Roman senate offered him no mercy. Just because his pattern of thinking didn`t match theirs, they killed him.

Jesus was only doing something right and they didn`t let him.

Aaron was only trying to do something right and they didn`t let him.


I could mention many more that have been treated unfairly by people around them because they were trying to make a great change in the society, like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Ghandi and Nelson Mandela. They weren`t killed or anything like Aaron, but people around them were against them and didn`t let them. You don`t need to be religious to believe Jesus existed – if you believe in Galileo, you can believe in Jesus too.

While watching the movie I thought “Damn, people were so stupid at that time. Believing in whatsoever and getting rid of whoever thought alike them. AND we do the same these days..”

In some societies people are getting tortured for standing up and raising their voices. People just.. how do I put it into words? If someone thinks something that he/she isn`t supposed to think about according to them, it`s a shame. They get arrested, punished, labeled, put in jail. It might not be the same in for example Europe or America, but here, we`ve come no longer, frankly. If someone does something differently, instead of saying “That`s so brave of you” we say “OMG, that`s a shame, we don`t need people like u in this world”. Aaron wasn`t given justice only 2 years ago, so how the hell can people allow themselves to say “We`re on 2015, the modern age.” Yeah, considering 1750, 2015 is more modern, but is this great? Is being more worried about boobs and butts modern and amazing? Is buying a jacket for 400 $ modern? Is saying f*** you popular?

I guess you could say that`s why I was crying. We`re still in year 0, where innocent people are being killed because. . they`re nice and want to do something different? Something unusual? I`ve tasted it myself a little bit, when I was in the newspaper last year and had this speech. People were accusing me and pointing at found up negative things. Apparenty, me being alone is my fault and what I do is never enough. Are you still willing to tell me we`ve come far? This wasn`t much, but enough to explain me how this world works. We`ll never be able to please everyone.

We`ve got Michael Kors, we`ve got makeup, we`ve got BMW and Mercedes, we`ve got Galaxy 6 S Edge, we`ve got Iphones, so we`re doing amazing, right? We`ve got wifi, we can scroll ourselves down on Facebook every 10th minute, we can send other people snaps whenever we want to, so we`re done. I wish I could say F*** it too, but I`m too nice to say something like that. (haha..) I wish I could grab everyone`s phones and laptops whenever I`m trying to talk to them, I wish I could shut down the wifi for some time to actually make people see me and not only look AT me.



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