I know some of you perhaps are tired of me talking about Aaron Swartz and it`s up to you whether you want to spend some of your precious time reading this or not. I stand for human rights and I`m not ashamed to raise my voice and talk about people who`ve treated someone awfully. It sucks to say this, but even people who`ve never done anything wrong to someone, get harassed. Either they`re blond, or a Jew or don`t know how to dress. Either they`re immoral and don`t know how to talk, or they`re doing something the wrong way. Just now I watched a video from two days after his death, of a guy who had heard about this genius. I must say he didn`t sound very smart, but he did have some good points. Watch it here:

Okay, so this video is about Aaron and what his life was surrounded by. The video sums up what he did which THE WORLD can see today, but that`s not the point. Due to curiousity, I scrolled down and found following comments..

I am shocked and want to cry. Humans are so damn terrible. They expect other people to be kind, then what is this? We`re so blinded by our own opinions and thoughts that we`re no longer able to state the actual truth. Most of us aren`t able to see the good things Aaron did for us. Those stupid people behind a screen will probably never be able to even achieve 1/3 of what he did, then why these rantings and cruel comments? They`re more caught in the scenes of his suicide than his message. And what does him being a jew has to do with all of this? Doesn`t matter if he was a Muslim or a Christian, Aaron is Aaron. You don`t need to be a Jew to do something like this. I know how some extremists can be – once a person is a Jew, hate is a part of the picture and that`s why I didn`t tell my mum Aaron was a jew because she`d be like those people and say “So now you`re looking up to another Jew, huh?” This is so shameful that I have no words for this. Now I understand why the USA won`t change unless someone doesn`t put these people into their true places. It`s more important to make a funny story out of his death than to honour him. Some people were also comparing him with Hitler.. Are you freaking kidding me? There`s nothing to compare here and they did two completely different things, for Humanity`s sake! This shows how certain people have no idea what they`re talking about and only want to shove their opinions onto others.

 So to you guys who said all of this: You are immoral and shameless and frankly, I want to tell you we don`t need people like you in our world. There`s no light inside you, there`s no difference between right and wrong in your lives and there won`t be much hope for you if you remain this way the rest of your lives. Aaron did what he had to do. Why? It was the only way out. The Congress, the President, the Constitution and the laws left him no other option. Not everyone is going to bow down, not everyone is doing to remain silent and not step forward! Not everyone is going to nod and not question what people around them, tell them. Not everyone is brainless, not everyone isn`t curious. Not everyone backs down. Not everyone wants the world to become a better place by THEM making it a better place. If everyone was going to be like you guys and only watch the Kardashians on the TV while having some popcorn, then nothing is ever going to change. Someone had to step forward and something on a new and extreme level, and so did Aaron. And what he did, wasn`t even wrong. It only was to the people who are blinded by some papers.
I won`t say much more, but show a comment from a smarter person that sums up what I think:

 Kind regards from a girl who also wants to change the world. 🙂

4 thoughts on “SOMEONE HAD TO DO IT

    1. I agree! I don`t understand why people are even negative about him – if there`s anything or anyone they should be focusing on with their stupidity it`s the government and the president.


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