Due to the UCC shooting, which happened the very first day of this October month, more people are questioning the USA`s policy. We`re questioning their gun policy. Mr. Obama can say whatever he wants to, but the truth is: The law and the policy are more important than human lives. That saddens me. It`s unbelieveably terrifying. I wonder what they`re waiting for. I wonder what the President is waiting for. I wonder what the world is waiting for. When is someone going to step forward and say “We`ve had enough of those school massacres and episodes of shooting and killing?” The numbers are devastating high and that damn gun policy is still up. I`ve already mentioned my not so great happiness about The USA and what they`re doing, and the UCC shooting didn`t make me any happier. In fact, it made me more determined to keep going. We need to do something really, really soon. Massacres and such episodes happen pretty much every month and only these facts are shocking, then why aren`t we doing anything to stop this?!

So, I`m asking YOU. What are you doing, apart from complaining about it to your friends on Facebook? What are you doing to adress this problem? And if you`re not doing anything, why aren`t you? At least we can try our hardest to help. It could prevent your children from getting shoot on another Monday at school. Think about it. Oh, and do something too. terrorism


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