DSC_2607I know plenty of people who believe working out, earning the highest marks at school and making everyone happy and pleasant is the goal to be able to achieve success and happiness.I wonder – when are we going to take a break? Girls are obsessed with having the biggest thigh gap, boobs and butts, while boys want the greatest abs, six-pack and muscles. Not everyone`s this way, but seriously, I need a time-out. I`m not a perfectionist and I`ll never be one either. Or, I am when it comes to my books and to some points my writing, but that`s not the point. When are we going to back down and relax? When are we going to stop stressing around and worry about things which don`t even matter? Why are most people around me trying to reach the 7th heaven where everything`s perfect, when it doesn`t even exist? According to them I need to study my head off, cook dinner every day, work out 2-3 times each week to achieve the perfect body, make the teachers and my parents satisfied and be that someone they want me to. Where the hell do I fit into this picture of perfection? Nowhere.

I believe in having at least one day in week where I watch one of my favourite shows without anyone disturbing me. I wear whatever I want to, look the way I want to, read a book I want to read and just do whatever I want to. Why aren`t most people like this? We end up expecting us to be heroes in every category that exists and ever will exist, when that`s not possible. There`s no perfect body, there`s no perfect life and there`s no perfect certificate, because really – it`s all in our heads. When I read about the French Revolution, I never read about people wanting to be the very best and on top on absolutely everything. Then what the hell is all this chaos for? Now I need to wear that one perfect t-shirt to school or else, I`m a damn loser, like really? Is that what being perfect is about? Perfection`s what makes us imperfect. You can`t unagree with me on this – it`s unhealthy for anyone to stress around about something stupid like this.

When people say “I don`t feel good enough, I don`t know what to do”, I seriously feel like saying “You need to change your pattern of thinking, first of all. Or else, you`ll get nowhere.” Really. Who tell girls they need to have the perfect body to capture Mr. Right? Well. . girls do. Nobody else than ourselves tell us what we`re doing wrong. Why is that such a big deal, by the way? Just last week I told my mum I was proud of what I had done last November at school, and she said “Don`t be arrogant”. Like why is showing success automatically bragging? Why is it so stupid in our society to tell other people we`re proud of ourselves or something we`ve done? We always say “Oh, I feel ugly”, but have you ever heard someone say “Oh, I feel beautiful!” We`ve made others feel so terrible and shameful about who they are. We can`t accept each other without pointing out what`s wrong with them. We`re so obsessed with making perfect that everything else has to be perfect too.
DSC_2604I`m so tired of this. I`m so tired of people around me saying “Ugh, I have a lot to do tonight, homework and exercising.” Why? It`s just a small thing, I know, but it gives me hints. People believe they have to be heroes all the time. And they end up saying “I barely have time for myself.” Well, we`ve all got time for ourselves. We just need to find that time. Take a long, relaxing bath or watch your favourite show. Read your favourite book or have a long chat with your best friend. Just do something you want to do. Don`t be running around 24/7 believing you have to please absolutely everyone and everything, because you know what? That`s not even possible. You`re wasting your entire life trying to find and achieve something which doesn`t even exist. Take a chill pill and take a break from everything. Life`s so much more. 

I`m waiting for the day when I`ll be able to yell “I`m beautiful!” without anyone looking at me weirdly. 



  1. I totally agree with your points! Although, I seem to find that people are starting to value looks over everything, and paying less and less attention to school, which disappoints me, to be honest.
    I always say this, but such a great post, as always!

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