I need to let out some frustration and writing is pretty much the only way I can do that.

Not that this directly bothers me, but what`s upsetting is people for the 293847th time thinking everything`s black and white. Like you guys know, I`m not russ this year, which means I`m not going to be a part of a lot of events, parties and meetings around the whole country. 2-3 people keep inviting me, even though I`ve decided to not be a russ, like really? Anyways, that`s not a big deal. Just yesterday I posted a status on my Facebook saying I don`t want to be a part of those events and “God knows what” because after all, I`ve got better things to do, haha. That`s my typical line these days. I`ve simply got better things to do. Or maybe that`s complicated to understand. But it`s true. I don`t believe you have to be a russ to celebrate the end of high school and mark 13 years with school. Those millions spent on some stupid buses are a waste of time. But, I can`t stop anyone, can I? Little do I know.

So this girl commented and some liked it (even my old teacher JK, to my surprise) which got me thinking. The comment said she only wants to include me and of course that`s nice. It`s the thought that matters, but then I wonder. . where was I when you didn`t speak to me all day at school today? Why do you ignore me? Of course something is better than nothing, but those are such paradoxes that I don`t know where to even go anymore. I think it all starts at school and parties don`t even matter to me. As long as you treat me nicely AT SCHOOL, I`m perfectly fine! People can talk to me pretty much every day at school and include me there. And I wonder – what was the excuse last year? And the year before that?600x375xgirl-in-field.jpg.pagespeed.ic_.rV1L-Q8CkC4Tcz_BWeMvNot everything`s black and white and I`m sure people who liked and said shit didn`t keep this in mind. Well well, why should I let them ruin my day. Just think about it, guys. Don`t make everything so complicated – caring is easy. 🙂


12 thoughts on “THINK ABOUT IT

  1. This is all so true!! Some people can pretend to care but they really don’t and that is a pretty horrible thing to do when it doesn’t take much to just respect someone! What exactly is russ?


    1. Most students here become a so called russ and a part of the “russ time”, as we call it. It`s a traditional way of celebrating 12 years with school and the end of high school, where people wear those stupid clothes and have those buses for a lot of money. They party, drink, dance, etc. .If that explains it. That`s the way of being a russ, plus you`ve got all these events and happenings, of course.


      1. You forgot to write about the memories for life you get. The roadtrips you go on. After Videregående people often splits and never meets, but they now got memories for life. Get your facts straight.


        1. Why can`t you go on a roadtrip with your own car, instead of buying a really expensive bus? I know what russ is like to many people, but I don`t see how partying (and most of the parties are. . no words needed) and drinking is a must to get memories for life. Also, if you`re just gonna split and never meet again, then what`s the point of enjoying this time together? I don`t see the sense here.


  2. Its not our fault that you cant be a sosial person. You dont HAVE to drink. You think that the problem is that nobody wants to befriend you. Maybe it is that YOU dont want to befriend people. Or YOU that are difficult to befriend. I personally think the fault is in you. Not everybody else.


    1. I don`t think you know anything about me then, haha.. I never said I have to drink, but to have like a higb status i “russeverdenen”(I`m sure you live in Norway) you have to be on these parties and drink and do all these kind of things. I do think the problem is that A LOT of people don`t want to befriend me, or else I`d be treated way better and on the same level like others. I did want to become friends, but now (as you perhaps know if you`ve actually read my posts properly, which you obviously haven`t..) I just want people to be nice to me, not necessarily my friends. And there`s a difference. I`m not hard to be friend with, my arms are more open than several of others are. If you think the fault is in me, then. . then that`s your problem, not mine. 🙂 Not that you know me either.


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