Yesterday I got a comment from someone who told me I`m “strong emotionally”. First of all, thank you so much for that. Some people wanted me to write a post on that and how I came there, and I`d love to write about that! Having that said, it`s important to remember I`m no superman. I`m only a human and I have my nights too. I cry too, I get upset too BUT I don`t let it take over my life.

Is it devastating of me to say I don`t consider depression and social anxiety as awful as people explain them? Let me explain myself. They are serious situations, of course. But why do people forget it`s all in our heads? That provokes me a lot, and then I mean a lot! Who tell ourselves we can`t achieve something? Well. . we do? Who`ve put labels around everywhere? Well. . we did? You`re the only person who`re bringing yourself down. Forget about other people, because they don`t matter. They don`t know a lot about you, they don`t know where you`re from or your baggage. They don`t know you by just staring at you. And I don`t understand why opinions from strangers matter? Haha, I`m very aware I might be sounding a little harsh, but I think it`s about time we wake up from this sleep and start doing something about something we can do something about! (Oh my God, okay, focus, Anne..)

I used to be one of those who questioned my own beauty, worth and power. Luckily, I only did that only some few times. I`ve been bullied AND throughout my long (I`d like to call it long) journey I`ve met plenty of people who`ve been trying to hit me with a bullet. Those bullets were words and when it comes to words, it`s up to us whether we want them to control us or not. If someone calls you ugly, does that automatically mean you`re ugly? Or fat? Or dumb? An idiot? A monster? A bitch? Oh, guys, there have been countless times where I`ve been called all kind of things but just because someone comes by and decides to call me a fatass, doesn`t mean I am one! I thought humans knew better, seriously.

If you want to get anywhere, you need to do the most important thing you`ll ever do in life – you need to BELIEVE in yourself. You need to believe you can do anything and reach the top of the mountain. You need to tell yourself all these things or else, someone else will come along and do a worse job with you than you could do with yourself. By understand your own worth, your own capablities and most important, WHO you are, you won`t let other people give you a preach about you and get away with it just like that. You won`t automatically thing “Okay, so he called me ugly and then I`m most likely ugly”. That`s like saying just because someone said killing is right it`s right. It sounds really stupid, doesn`t it? That`s exactly how it is!

I`m 18 and I know who I am to so many points. Of course I haven`t explored everything about myself, but if someone came and told me something about me which isn`t true in any way, I wouldn`t believe them just like that, at least. Doesn`t matter if it`s a stranger, my uncle or my own mother. By knowing you who are, you`ll also differ what you should pick up from people and not. Constrictuve comments can always be considered, but comments such as “Not to be rude, but you`re ugly” shouldn`t be thought about for a second!

You`re going to spend hopefully many years on Earth and if you let other people take over the car and ride it, you won`t get any far. Just today I heard someone say “I don`t really believe my writing is that good, but I`m going to write this book and follow my dream.” I don`t think that`s necessarily a bad thing, but why don`t we believe in ourselves? Why do we keep doubting ourselves just because of certain rules and labels? I wish we would stop being so hard with ourselves. We`re always so negative about ourselves and compare with others, I wonder why? We`re all beautiful in our own ways and nobody`s the same! If you want to get somewhere, you need to trust yourself, accept yourself, and tell yourself you are enough. Or else, you won`t really get anywhere! A confident person shines through his smile and his behaviour.


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