Every single day there are a lot of articles about anxiety, suicide, depression, problems we have with social relationships and how we deal with different things. Am I wrong for saying it`s your fault if you`ve got these problems? I know some few who have or are suffering for depression and anxiety. Some time ago this blogger wrote about anxiety and I thought “But she never bothered mention it`s all up to us?” It is. It really is.

We`re humans. We`ve got brains. Why? So we can think for ourselves, be able to seperate wrong and right from each other and make our own decisions. Anxiety is definated as “a state of uneasiness, tension and apprehension, as about future uncertainties.” Some people have social anxiety and find it hard to be comfortable around people and talk to them without fearing judgements. Is this anyone else`s fault? Nope. We can change so much through our mindsets. If you think about other people`s point of views and let it affect you, than it`s nobody else`s fault because YOU let it affect YOU. So when people ask you “Why are you depressed?”, I have no idea what they say, but I bet it`s not something like “Oh, it`s my own fault”. I probably wouldn`t say that either, and I do understand other factors do affect us, but in the very end, we can`t let EVERYTHING effect us forever. . Let`s say you`re depressed, okay? It starts in your head and nobody else can get into your mind and change it apart from YOU. I don`t totally understand all these articles saying “Things not to say to someone who`s temporary ill/has depression or anxiety”. You can`t say whatever to anyone, because everything has a limit. But, even if people do tell you to for example not be negative, get out and do something that will make you feel better. . what`s the big deal? It`s not anything bad and if you want to stay negative, then fine, stay that way. I know it`s hard to be positive all the time, but it starts with YOU. Only YOU. Don`t “blame” other people for your problems when it`s up to you to make a decision. Do you want yourself to go down in flames or stand up and be strong?1762320-10-1408093257537We`re only humans. Sometimes we hurt, sometimes we smile, sometimes we`re over-excited and sometimes we`re lost. But it`s up to you what you want to do next. Don`t let some events define you, let them change you for the better. Difficulties come and go, but life doesn`t. I`m writing this because I know so many people who`re affected by things that don`t mean much anymore when you`re about to die. Proove people dead wrong and show everyone that YOU are the boss of your own life. Never hand over the keys to somebody else. Don`t let other people take over your life. You are the architect of your own destruction and happiness.


4 thoughts on “AM I WRONG?

  1. Hi Anne! I agree with what you are saying, but to a certain extent. Yes, there is a certain amount of things you can control when it comes to mental health, but there is also a great deal you cannot. Some are genetic, all are caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain, some are caused by traumatic events, some just come up gradually. I can control to a point when I feel anxious how anxious I feel, but I cannot control when I get anxious, understand? So while yes, I can control my anxiety sometimes, most times I can’t. There is a huge stigma around mental illness saying that it is “all in your head” and while that is literally true, it isn’t in the sense that you are making it up. You cannot create an illness, you are born with it or develop it. And while, yes, you can retrain your brain to think differently about situations and try and over come your illness, it is not something you can do on your own and takes many make sometimes extensive therapy sessions to do, and some people may never completely be able to! I just wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on this as someone who deals with mental illness themselves, because while to a certain extent I can control it, there is also many factors I cannot! Please correct me if I am wrong or if I misunderstood!


    1. Hey Sydney! I agree with you. I mean, there have been times where I couldn`t help, but get sad about certain things. For some days I couldn`t control it, BUT then I realised what`s true and right and what`s not. And in the long run, you need to help yourself up, not down. I never said you`re making it up, I`m sure most people don`t. But I must confess I unagree on you when it comes to the part “you can`t do it on your own”. Yes, some people find it easier through help, but doesn`t mean it`s impossible to help yourself on your own. 🙂 But that`s maybe what just I think?

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