I`m an eighteen years old girl, living in Norway. I`m a Muslim. Not a radical one, but a moderate one. I don`t like to believe in those extremists and those people who believe religion is everything. For me being a good human being is enough and the most important part.

I can`t remember where I was 9/11. I learned about it years later, to be honest. In addition to this, I do remember where I was the 22nd of July 2011. The terror attacks in Norway. I remember people thinking it was a Muslim. I don`t understand why we felt threatened and frightened because if we`re as close to our religion as we claim, we won`t fear anyone. Yet, people did. Even though they knew they weren`t responsible for the attacks. Later on it turned out it was a Norwegian man, an extremist who had caused so much pain. Relief. Phew. It`s okay as long as it`s not a Muslim. No, wait, you mean a terrorist.

I`ve been told a Muslim who kills isn`t a Muslim. Call him or her a terrorist, but not a Muslim. Why? Who are we to say that? I don`t find terrorist a better name, to be honest. What do we call Jews or Christians who`ve killed? Maybe I think this specific way because I`d like to believe everyone`s good at heart, despite everything. I just believe God`s the only one to judge.

More than 3000 people died 9/11. My parents believes Jews are responsible, because they weren`t at work that day. Personally I don`t blame anyone, because I don`t know for sure who caused the attacks. I`m not busy accusing anyways, the pain and the lives lost are way more important than spending my time and energy on blaming someone who might not even have done it. Some people believe Muslims are responsible, while others believe Jews are at fault.

As a Muslim, I don`t envy and adore any of this hate. But right now, I want to speak for Muslims, as I`m a Muslim. What so if some Muslims caused it? How does someone else`s actions make ME responsible for it? That`s like saying I`m the one to blame for your girlfriend breaking up with you, haha. . Just because some Muslims kill 3000 people, doesn`t mean EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM would do that. It`s the same with any other kind of groups. Just because one guy broke your heart, doesn`t mean all boys will do the same! Just because a Jew stole your money, doesn`t mean every Jew would`ve done that.

This doesn`t have anything to do with us living in 2015. 1315 or 2015 – you`re not supposed to put stereotypes on people due to actions of some few people. None of us owe someone else something because someone else was sick and shortsighted. I wish people would already stop having these prejudises towards Muslims. I don`t feel affected by them directly, because I`m not someone who cares about what other people might say about me.. Only those who believe they owe something to people would like to blame themselves. But still, I don`t understand why people automatically think Muslims are scary and dangerous people, when we`re not! SOME are, but you`re missing out the point if you meet me and back away, because you start thinking I might be hiding a gun behind a back. To be honest, that could count for any religious group, not only us Muslims, haha. Just so you know, Christians have had a violent history too and so have Jews, what about those facts? That doesn`t mean for me to put labels on them.

Islam is a peaceful religion just like any other. Killing someone is not a part of our beliefs, at least it shouldn`t be. And even if it is to someone, don`t blame me or any of my friends for those beliefs.It`s NOT my fault.  Not every Muslim is a terrorist and not every terrorist is a Muslim.



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