Lately there have been plenty of people saying I`ve been too negative recently and I`m again attacking students at my school. People want me to try harder. look at the “reality” and the fact that people have tried.

Well, I do agree there`s been negative stuff on my blog lately. And I also need to agree on how people start criticizing me for being negative, when most of those didn`t bother saying much about the positive things I did last year. Let`s face it, most people would call it attacking, while the more understanding people would call it standing up for yourself. Haha, frankly, I don`t have anything against people not calling it that, but please get your pattern of thinking and your so called facts.

Those negative experiences are something I have to go through pretty much every day. They`re not caused by ME, they`re caused and done by students in my class and at my school. I`m not responsible for others actions, I get hurt by them. And that`s what most people forget – I`m a human who writes about these things because they ache and hurt. Being alone 90 % of the time is not something anyone wants to encounter. YOU wouldn`t, so stop critizing me and accusing me when I`m only writing about how I feel. If you don`t care, then you shouldn`t be reading this.

This negativity isn`t based on my actions, I just talk about them. I`m very sure others are going through the very same at this very moment. If you think I`m not doing enough, then fine, I`m not alive to change your mind about me. But one thing I`d like to say is that I`m not alive either to please you. If I`m mean, then why are you telling me you don`t need to be nice towards me either? Haha, such hypocrites. Your actions aren`t supposed to reflect upon mine, they`re supposed to reflect upon your own personalities. And sure they do.

So even if I`m not doing enough, you could. You could also say shit about me TO me, and not to your so called “friends” who aren`t much better. If you were so much better, you wouldn`t be stalking me on Facebook to see what I`m up to and talk behind my back. πŸ˜‰ Oh, and by the way, this negativity exists because of you guys. I am, unfortunately, “just” going through it and writing about the reality. Not dolling it up, like you guys. Everything`s not either black and white.


For now I`m done with this topic. Some people have anyways got too little of braincells to perhaps understand this. I want to focus on two girls who actually treat me like something, who treat me better than my class does most of the time. Thanks for keeping up with me, haha. You make my days better. πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “AM I THE ONE TO BLAME HERE?

      1. I am Nice to you. And The fact that your calling me mean, is just prooving my point im afraid.. I did read your post, but we have all different ways of understanding. See you in class


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