In an article by Sciencenordic Ladegaard says Norway`s failed when it comes to immigration. I can`t help, but agree. Multiculturalism is a topic I could go on and on about forever. Maybe because I`m from Pakistan and live in Norway, even though I consider myself more Norwegian. I`m a Norwegian-Pakistani – and proud. I have a lot more to contribute when it comes to multicultural debates, exactly because I know what it means.

I agree with a lot in the article. Many Norwegians are negative about immigration. Just read the news from today and you`ll know more than enough. So many Norwegians are sitting in their cellars, commenting on Facebook how to we need to send the Syrians back to where they came from. According to them, they`ll steal our tax money and take over our welfare system here. How much more selfish can people be? I understand doubting our possibility to welcome as many as possible in the best way, because Norway`s a small country. BUT if we can do something, why shouldn`t we? Trying is better than nothing.

Norwegians should try to understand us from foreign countries. If immigration isn`t easy to them, it`s definetely not easy for us either. Or in my case, I`m lucky. I was born here, but my parents immigrated to Norway several years ago. If Norwegians expect us to adapt their culture, values and rules, they should too, shouldn`t they? They`re not the only one living in this country now, we are too. We need to respect each other, we need to know about each other, we need to learn each other so many things. And those things come with knowledge. It`s really unfair by Norwegians to expect me and my parents to get ourselves integrated, when they don`t even want to know about the real us.

I know some few people who are interested in knowing about my culture and actually realise and know how it can be, while I want to know about how things work for them because I`m not a part of a Norwegian family. That`s how it should be! Let`s face it, my culture can be ridicilous. There are a lot of extremists and for example many mothers who don`t allow their daughters to be independent and grow as human beings. BUT we`re not the only one. Why do people automatically connect these things with Islam and us? As the article says: “As if Islam is a very violent and scary culture, it isn`t. There is violence and extremists in other cultures as well.” This explains it! There are many Norwegians who`re brainwashed (by for example Facebook and social media…) and extremists on different levels. We`re not the only one. I just wish we would stop judging and actually were willing to get to know each other more, despite the backgrounds, religions and nationalities. I wish Norwegians would stop being so picky and bigoting AND the same goes for Muslims. I don`t understand why so many are suffering from xenophobia because not ALL of us are really that scary, are we? At the same time, those people expect us to treat them nicely.. Not that I wouldn`t, but it`s such a paradox. If you`re not willing to do something yourself, you`re not allowed to have expectations to other people and believe they`re going to act a specific way. That counts for the immigrations too, of course. It should be mutual. It won`t work out well if I`m trying to get to know a Norwegian, while he`s ready to bite me any second, haha..

Both should understand not every Norwegian wants you to die, and not every Muslim is a member of IS! Seriously, I thought at least 40 years old men were more ambulant than that. Or women, for that sake. Get to know before you judge. Want to know before you know. I`m always going to stand by the quote “Not everything is black and white” – that counts for this too. We`re already a country with culturalism, so we better get used to it. If you`re one of those who don`t care, then stay at home and shut up. Haha, oh. I`m aware I sound harsh, but it`s so frustrating when people talk about my culture and religion as if they know everything. Most people seriously don`t, and it`s about time they realise that.

We`re not only full of stereotypes. We`re humans too. We`re in Norway to have a better life. Imagine how boring it`d be if there were only, mostly originally Norwegians in this country? Ah, I can`t even imagine that setting. It`d definetely be weird. Immigrations have a lot to offer, and so have Norwegians. Multiculturalism includes a lot of challenges and struggles, but we need to focus on the positive things!It`s about time we break down our own walls and let other people see who we really are. The first step to do so is more knowledge and educations, more cross communication and conversations. I`m sure we`ll understand more and judge less then. We just need to get there.

Thought I`d put some pictures from my trip to Pakistan last December! If you`d like to see more, let me know!

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