You start fighting on who`s going to do the dishes and not. Nobody`s willing to, so you start fighting. Screaming. It`s been building up inside both of you. You start calling each other names. Dumbass. Jackass. Bloody idiot. B****. You tell each other to go to hell. Slam the doors. Don`t talk to each other for hours.

Imagine regretting all these things and so much more the next day. Imagine loosing your boyfriend or husband. Imagine being this girl.


Polina Buckley was looking for her boyfriend on Twitter. He was already dead by then. Imagine that. Imagine getting to hear some damn terrorists killed your very own boyfriend. Some terrorists blinded by religion. Some people who wanted to see your boyfriend dead. They were going to celebrate their 3 years anniversary the next day, which never happened. Imagine that. Compare them to those moments you spend being angry to not only your boyfriend or husband, but to someone you care about or love. Compare those facts with your silly moments. Nothing matters anymore.

To honour their love and relationship Polina wrote:

3 years ago on this day I met you on the cornerof East 15th and Irving Pl. I fell in love the moment I laid eyes on you. This was the most loving, passionate and eventful relationship I`ve ever experienced. You were my everything. My lover, my best friend, my soulmate. I am completely crushed and and heartbroken right now. I will miss you terribly. Sleep tight, my sweet prince. I will always love you, Nick Alexander. 

I`m speechless. This is so unfair, tragic, sad, depressing and also an eye opener. While she`s lost the one she loved do much, we`ve still got out husbands, boyfriends, mothers, fathers, children and friends with us here in Norway.

It`s about time we cherish exactly that. Oh, how lucky aren`t we even if we`re not that lucky. 


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