This world is full of hypocricy.

We don`t have to look far behind us to find examples. People are blaming users of Facebook for using the French flag in their profile pictures. They`re saying “What about people in Palestine? Don`t you care about them?” Okay, I get these reactions BUT I`m sure many of these people have bullied someone or did something so wrong. So I don`t understand this. Who are they to talk? It`s the same with people in Middle-East. Who are they to ban terror attacks when they`re practising death penalty and killing innocent people TOO?

Nothing is enough. I just need to look at what I`ve been doing the past twelve months to understand that. Me standing up for myself and victims of bullying was more critized than praised by my classmates. Why? Most people are negative. They`d rather like to blame others than themselves. I think most humans are that way. Why, though? Is it easier? Does blaming me for something make others feel better? It`s so weird, haha. Where`s the common sense in that?

When I posted the post “I am the black sheep” a lot of people read my blog. Understandable, but what`s NOT understandable is those people saying things about me which aren`t even true? It`s not okay to talk behind my back and then claim I`m not doing anything, because what are you doing..? Anyways, the point is – why blame others when you`re not even better? I`ve been reading plenty of blogs lately where the blogger doesn`t even do anything bad, for people to comment “Buh huh, I`ve lost all respect for you now, I thought you were so much better.” Or something like “Why don`t you do this and that?” Why don`t YOU shut up for once and do something instead? I`m so TIRED of people critizing anyone for stupid things. And even if it`s something that matters – who are you to write negative and hurting things to someone you don`t even know?

Some time ago I read a confession where the girl wrote things like “I love all of you and you love all of me” and “I love your imperfections”. Cheesy stuff, you know. Guess what people did? Instead of being happy for her, they were telling her to stop copying things. That`s ridicilous. A lot of people have for example said “I love you” in love songs – is saying that plagiarism now? I`m sure someone said I love you in 1030 and 1567 too, just for your record. People should seriously stop making a big deal out of stupid things like these and be happy on behalf of each others. We need to give others a helping hand – not tell them they`re making a problem out of nothing and put them down even more. If you can`t help and be supportive, shut up.

Now I`m writing about topics that matter to me, such as what happened in Paris just recently and terrorism – those posts didn`t have as many views as these others. WHY? Negative things attract more than positive and more important things! They`re more interesting. People are more stuck up with finding flaws, mistakes and things to point at, instead of thinking “Okay, that`s wrong so maybe I can do something different.” Nope, instead people want to say shit back to them and say “Not to be mean, but. . ” Just NO! I`m never going to take you seriously if that`s how you`re going to be towards me or anyone else, for that matter. If someone`s saying shit, and you`re saying shit back, then what`s the difference? If I`m not doing enough to become friends with anyone in my class, then maybe someone from my class could try harder rather than stalking my blog and commenting about what I can do?

It seems like most of us love to blame, attack with words as our weapon, accuse and hate no matter what. If someone stands up for bullying, one or another person will come by and say “But hey, there are poor children in Africa. Why don`t you stand up for them?” You get the point. Nothing will ever be enough, you`ll never be able to please everyone. It`s okay to unagree, but at least don`t come with the typical “Not to be mean, but. .” and then say shit about me which isn`t even true.

It seems like people have “better” reasons to do this these days, when victims need love and support more than ever. One would expect people to shut up for now. But no, maybe the whole “I believe in solidarition, love and nice and everyone should be nice to each other” is just a lie coming from hypocrites. large (35)



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