Today marks one year since my face was to seen in the newspaper! There were actually overall 3 articles, two which were published exactly one year ago. Ah, I`m still so proud. Doesn`t matter if things didn`t really change for me, because I know they did for someone out there! Two days ago I got to know a campaign against bullying at my school is party inspired by me – isn`t that great to know?! Even though I don`t really believe that much in campaigns, haha. It`s still a honour to be an inspiration, whether it`s for someone or something. πŸ™‚

I`ve noticed some people don`t know what I`m talking about, so here`s a short summary: Last September I was tired and fed up with my lonely situation at school. I was alone pretty much all time and nobody, not even my own class, cared about me. So, I sent the principle a letter and explained him my situation. We had a conversation, but nothing was really done. So I spent perhaps even less than one minute and sent my letter to one of the biggest newspapers here in Norway. They wanted to publish it, and showed up at my school and we had an interview with those people. By “we”, I mean I, the principle and the environmental worker. Some days later I sent them my whole story, which was published online. I`ve published my story and the letter on here, but not the article, so if anyone wants me to, please let me know! I also had a speech where I told my story and let people know how I felt, face to face.

I know it`s not much to many people, but you know what? Can you imagine yourself standing in front of more than 100 people and letting them know about your past? Doesn`t matter if it`s about depression, anxiety, bullying or violence. These can all be hard things to talk about. Have you ever stood up for yourself in front of many people? I bet most of those who`s making fun of me or think I`m making a fuss haven`t really done these things, so know before speaking. πŸ™‚

I`d like to thank those two girls who handle me more than my classmates actually do. I`m going to miss you next year!

If I was asked to, I`d do it again. I`m still so damn proud of myself and what I did. It was a beginning of a new and long journey, and I can`t wait to see what the future holds for me.



2 thoughts on “I WOULD DO IT AGAIN

  1. I’m proud of you too ❀ You ARE an inspiration, really. If I had grown up in Norway and read the article back when I was bullied, I think it would've really helped me πŸ™‚ And how cool is it that a campaign inspired by you was started?! It would be even cooler if it actually stopped the bullying, but even if they only made a small improvement, it's still an improvement!

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