69e767863a5fe30d285827d02ac35921Just this Friday I found comments from when I stood up for myself. I know it might seem like I`m only focusing on the negative stuff, but that`s pretty much because not as much as I perhaps wanted to, changed for me. I`m fighting a war at school every single day and it`s not as easy as one would like to admit. But, I received a lot of amazing and lovely comments from people around the whole country. Today I want to share them with you. I replied to each and one of them, as I believe communication is important.

“Wow, I adore such people with such bravery and willing to do things. Loneliness is a stigma even the strongest people struggle to talk about. Respect! 🙂 “

“I`m also happy to know people like you who give their support, exist. It`s warming.” 

“Glory be to the girl who spoke up!!

“Amazing initiative! All schools ought to have someone like her! You`re a brave girl. We need people like you!”

“Congratulations on behalf of your initiative, Anne!!”

“Very brave and good of you to have done. Good luck.”

“Hurray for Anne!”

“You`re fantastic! To speak up is a big thing, especially for someone at your age. Thank you. I hope many will follow your example!”

“Anne, you`re a courageous girl. Thank you for this!”

“Amazingly done by an amazing girl. Good to know someone is brave enough to raise their voice”

“Pretty name.” (My real name isn`t Anne, just so that`s said, haha)

“Good girl!”

“You seem like a really great girl! 🙂 Nice of you to speak up! “

“This is right. Being lonely isn`t as funny as many people love to think it is. It actually shortens your life by several years.”

Of course there were 2-3 comments where people said being lonely can be amazing and it`s my problem, but now I want to completely avoid them! People forget commenting shit on the internet doesn`t help anyone. 🙂

Thanks to everyone for being so kind with me. It`s always nice to know people appreciate what I do, but when people I don`t even know say nice things to me ABOUT me. . I become so happy. It touches my heart.


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