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I see you. I look at you just as you tell me you don`t have any time. “It`s okay.” I walk away, smiling, act like nothing. I look at someone else who tells me they don`t have any money for the children in Zimbabwe. Only a card. That`s okay too. I keep walking, asking people for money for children I don`t know, most people still don`t have time. I`m on my way back. The guy who told me he doesn`t have time as he`s waiting for someone or something, is still standing there. The woman who rolled her eyes and shaked her eyes, is too busy staring at something so interesting on her phone.

I see how you`re saying no. how you`re looking away, how you don`t want to listen to what I have to say. I see how you only care about your own children, if you have any. I see how you don`t really care about other people, because yeah, maybe their lives don`t involve you in them. But I also want you to see me. I want you to at least listen to me, before you decide whether you`re going to help these poor children or not. I want you to see what liar you are, by telling me you don`t have time and still be standing there five minutes later.I see how you don`t want to care because it doesn`t bother you. They`re not your children, so it`s fine. Nevermind, you know. I see how you`re too lazy to walk to the shop and withdraw some money. I see how you don`t want to share a little bit of what you have.

I see so much, and you think you know everything.

I understand why you`d rather want to have this country to yourself, and send people like me out. You`ve perhaps never been in a poor country and seen kids dying there of starvation and lack of necessary things to survive. I see how you don`t want to reach out to those who need you, I see how you don`t want to be their voices. I see how you don`t even want to hear about them.

Because you`re in Norway. Perhaps the richest country on earth and it`s okay for children to not be able to go to school, as long as your kids have the possibilities. You don`t need to care as long as you have your popcorn and TV on a Friday night so you can watch your favourite show and scroll through the news channels, which are asking you for help. But you don`t want to, as long as it`s not you.



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