After the terror attacks in Paris and Beirut, there have been a lot of discussions on all kind of social platforms. Blogpost after blogpost, new news every single hour and believe me, it`s a lot to take and handle because most of it comes from Norwegian people who`re not Muslims. I won`t say they`re not right about some of their opinions on Islam, but what do almost all of those people actually know about Islam? Their judgements are usually based on things they`ve seen on news channels or on social networks. They`ve got linking words such as “violence” and “women supression” and “extremists”. If you asked a Norwegian, or anywhere else for that matter, about Islam, they wouldn`t really be able to tell you much. And that`s how it is.

The past few years I`ve been told my some extremely kind people (you know who you are) to contribute when it comes to these kind things. I`ve been told to do something about my ambitions. Trust me, I was in my bed and was like “NO WAY. I`d love to, but I`m too scared..” The next day I talked about Islam with my English teacher and I just got so hyper and geared up that I messaged my teacher in Religion and told her about my idea. That`s what I do. The next day she told me I could do it THE NEXT WEEK. Imagine that. .

No, this isn`t going to be a speech where I`m going to be like “Hey, our holy book is The Holy Quran, our last prophet was Muhammed (pbuh).) No, anyone else could do that for me, haha. I won`t exactly say what my plan is, and my thoughts are everywhere, but it`s going to be something very unusual. I`m sure people need to hear me talk about it and learn something, instead of saying shit about something they don`t really know anything about on the internet. I`m not an expert either and considering most of the experts here, I`m glad I`m not one, haha. I`m just a normal Muslim and I know how it`s like to be inside it AND outside it, as I live in two different cultures every single day.

I`m extremely excited and a little nervous, but I`m sure I`ll be less nervous as the days pass (or maybe not).  The date wasn`t fixed yesterday, but now it is. Thursday 10th December, in the last two lessons I`m having this speech or you could say, a mix of that and a presentation. I want as many people as possible to be there! I`m not sure how people will handle this, especially one class as some of them are a little immature. . But, I`m glad as long as people are open minded and really want to learn something!

This is another dream coming true and oh my God. This means so much and I can`t wait to see where it takes me. ♥



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