People aren`t born terrorists.


No baby crawls out and then finds their first words to be words of hatred. Terrorism isn`t some genetic issue and it provokes me how all of my Muslim friends are busy pointing out how the terrorists aren`t Muslims. How most of my Norwegians friends automatically associates Islam with violence, man-dominated and extremism. How my Muslim friends claim terrorists aren`t Muslims. They say so without hesitating and add misdirections and think that`s going to do it. That`s going to explain the terrorism and how “real Muslims” don`t do these things. Really? People say we shouldn`t have to explain ourselves, but I`m sorry to announce this: We do have a long job to do here.

I`m a Muslim. And I don`t really necessary have to blame others and defend myself by saying “I`m a real Muslim. Those aren`t and that`s why they killed 130 people in Paris.” For me, that won`t do. First of all, who decides who`s a real and good Muslim here? For me a good Muslim is simply a good human being with good intentions. That`s enough for me, while for others you need to be praying five times à day to be a good Muslim. Some fathers look upon themselves as amazing Muslims if they don`t allow their daughters to marry who they want to. So who decides who`s a good Muslim? In my opinion, nobody apart from God does. God knows everything and in my world God forgives our sins, because after all, he`s God.

Anyways, all I`ve heard from Muslims are things such as “Extremism is wrong”, “Those aren`t Muslims”, “We`re not with the extremists”, “They don`t know about Islam.” What I personally find interesting and funny, is how some of those sayings come from people in the Middle-East. People who use death penalty as a way of silencing people. People who don`t allow Muslim women to drive a damn car. Where in the Quran does God says driving a car is forbidden for a woman? Nowhere! Those people use stoning, kill daughters who`s eyes are filled with dreams and intentionally direct others in one direction which they think is right. Those are people who kill other human beings in the name of Allah, and the question from me to them is Why worry about a speck in your friend`s eye when you have a long of your own eye?

The truth is, Islam is a peaceful religion. Unfortunately, people use it as an excuse to rule others lives. Religion includes values, attitudes and systems that are a part of a culture. That goes within saying. But, it goes down the hill when people mix religion and politics. When people use religion as an excuse to use power and control every single detail of people`s lives. Women not using hijab in Iran is a sin and shame. I`ve heard of girls who`ve been arrested because they don`t cover themselves up from head to toes. Like I said, the Quran doesn`t even announce I can`t drive a car, so there`s no doubt beliefs are used as an excuse to torture people.

But what Muslims talk about this outloud in the car? Or at the bus? Train station? At school? I know no Muslim who`re ready to say “Yeah, people down there do something awful and it must be stopped.” Instead, they defend these people`s actions, because as long as it`s done in the name of Allah, everything`s fine, right?

I`m tired of not talking about the conversation I had with an old teacher of mine where my mum said “What Hitler did, was right.” I`m tired of not being able to tell the Imam he`s wrong without being told to go and kill myself. I`m tired of Muslims not saying it as it is. I`m tired of Muslims not understanding there must be something wrong when terrorists use the name of Allah to kill innocent people. I`m fed up with nobody talking about ordinary people who suffer from extremism every day. There, I said it. It`s frankly unbelieveable, because let`s face it – it`s not easy. It`s not easy to live with extremism. But extremism doesn`t mean I`ve seen my brother die in front of me. It could also mean I`m not allowed to do as I want to without being told Islam says this and Islam says that. It means I`m not allowed to grow as a human being, I`m not allowed to not have my hair in a ponytail without eyes being rolled by my kind fellow human beings, I`m not allowed to doubt Islam even a little because that`s a shame and a sign of Christianity. Get it? Extremism isn`t only ISIS, Al-Qaida and Osama Bin Laden. It gets served on different levels, but they`ve all got one thing in common. They`re all extremely dangerous. 

So I`m sorry to disappoint you, USA, Russia, France and the UK, but you won`t be able to make much of a difference. Yeah, you might kill the terrorists, but what about terrorism? Extremism? What are you going to do when a new terror attack takes place? Are you going to kill them too and say “our mission is complete for now”? Oh, please.

Our mission should be to destroy extremism. Pakistani parents should stop telling their daughters not to fall in love, Arab parents should stop telling their sons to rule over their wives, the  Sauda Arabian government should not tell women they`re not allowed to drive a car, because.. they`re women? Who says these things outloud? My parents should stop saying Hitler was right, Pakistani parents aren`t doing a great job by telling their newborn babies to hate non-Muslims. Muslims should stop showing so much hate towards the Western World, we should let our kids pick between the best of both worlds. So many struggle on their journey, trying to find their identity and their home. I`m one of them, to be honest. It`s hard to know what to do sometimes. Or actually, it`s not. I know I should follow my own heart, but the problem is sometimes the easiest thing to do is also the hardest.

So neighbours from west – you`re going to loose this battle. You`re simply killing a lot of innocent people too. You killed Osama Bin Laden and yeah, that might have made Al-Qaida weaker, but ISIS happened, right? Non-Muslims can participate, but Islam has to be reformed and only Muslims can do that! It won`t happen by us denying the truth, it won`t happen by us saying these extremists aren`t real Muslims. We need to speak up, say things as they are and not be afraid of making Islam suitable for the 21st century. It won`t mean getting rid of Allah, it simply means shaping it into what it should look like in 2015.

I`m ready to make some changes. Are YOU with me?


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