Last night I checked my WordPress account and it informed me someone had read my blog through a link. I clicked on the link and.. REALISED I AM A FINALIST (?!!) IN THE CATEGORY “BEST STUDENT BLOG”. I was nominated in November, but didn`t even know. Thanks to everyone who nominated me! There are houndreds of nominations each year, so it`s great to know so many people appreciate my blog and writing! If you want to vote for me, click HERE HERE HERE . Scroll down to “best student blog” and you`ll find the name of my blog. Then scroll to the end of the page and click “vote”. 1488334_382804821866308_1434455799_n

I started up this blog as a school project, but I must confess this place has been my place. It`s my place because I can use my voice here in a way I`ve always wanted to. It was fun, but now, haha. . NOW I feel like I have to really keep going, because this is a sign people actually do read my posts and appreciate them!

Imagine it. Imagine little me being a finalist. Yeah yeah, it`s not an international award, but people who`ve known me for quite a long time know what this is to me. Especially those who`ve seen me grow up throughout the years. I remember how I used to cry alone in the classroom in the 7th grade because some students didn`t know how to behave like proper humans. Or how I was told in 9th grade nobody would ever want me and they understood why I was alone. I don`t know what that little and insane girl was thinking, but here I am. My voice is slowly reaching out to the world and THAT. That`s way more than so many of what these bullies have been able to do since that time. Only I remember what that crushed little Anne was thinking those long days, when she was alone and people made fun of her. And now? I prooved them wrong. And there`s no shame admitting that`s my kind of revenge. Proving their words wrong, their long rants wrong, proving THEM wrong. And here I am.

The name of this blog is Naming My Voice. Even though people almost put my voice to silent and told me to tape my own mouth, I`m writing this. This is a proof that people who put us down, can be so dead wrong. This is a proof that a young girl like me can raise her voice and speak up.

I`ve named my voice.



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