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Thanks for all the gratulations, messages and votes! I`m still so surprised and I`m so humble – I never thought something like this would happen! I hope I win, but like someone told me yesterday – me being nominated is a honour itself! Damn you to people who never believed in me, abandoned me and told me I`m good for nothing. Here I am! I`m also having the speech/presentation tomorrow and I`m so excited! I can`t wait. I hope I`ll be able to leave a right and strong impression on people and I desperately hope people will learn something new tomorrow! Holding a speech like this isn`t all easy-peasy. This is my fight song, this is my kind of revenge, this is taking the control over my life back. At least a little, which is extremelely dangerous. I thought I could reveal a little more now. The main topics are extremism and radicalisation. Those are relevant to me and I think it`s about time people learn more from someone who`s been through it and not only from an old man and his comments on FB. 🙂 

Some people think I`m ruining Muslims` reputation. I`m already a little tired of people who think that – it`s not my fault if people choose extremism and have the urge to kill 130 people because I think everyone else is wrong. Saying something like that means I`m responsible for the thoughts and opinions people have which is not the case. I`m having this speech to enlighten, to inspire, to educate people! I want to tell people everything`s not as it might look like it is. I`m really proud of myself and I`m extremely excited. I have no idea how it`s going to be for me or anyone else, which is really nerve-wrecking and I can totally imagine myself standing there, asking myself “What the hell are you doing, Anne?”

SO, tomorrow 2 PM it is! I believe about 100 people will be there, but I`m not quite sure. Sorry about updating less lately – this month is usually busy. Hope that`s understandable. Nevertheless, I`ll update you guys tomorrow on how it went! Wish me good luck. 😀 


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