Like I said last week, I`m a finalist in the Edublog Awards! I can`t believe people nominated me that much, but now I hope I`ll be the winner and get away with the award. I`ve looked through several of the other finalists and I can`t completely understand why people who have haven`t updated their blogs since July, are finalists? Anyways, I hope I`ll win! I started this blog as a little project for the English course I`m taking this year and here I am. I`d be so happy and appreciate it if you voted for me HERE!! Vote everywhere and anywhere, which means the more you vote through different computers and IP-adresses, the better! You can vote once per category per day per ip-adress. (I`m not sure if that made any sense to me, so I understand if that`s confusing, haha.)

I really wish they had a ceremony like they did 2-3 years ago, but now they announce the winners through the website.  Voting is closing tomorrow (Wednesday the 16th December, 11.59 PM New York time), so remember to vote for me today and tomorrow! Wohooo, I`m so excited!!


Click at the picture – it`ll take you to the voting page! Scroll down to “Best Student Blog” and find my blog`s URL – “”. Then scroll to the end of the page and click VOTE!

I`m crossing my fingers! Again, thanks a lot for even nominating me! You guys are amazing for keeping up with me and thanks a lot for all the support and love till now. Here`s to so much more! 😀 


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