14th December 2014.. I still remember that day so clearly! I was finally off to Pakistan after so many years and I thought I knew what was waiting for me there, but I can now, one year later, say that trip changed me!

I remember how I stayed up all night because our flight was taking off 06.30 AM. We landed in Belgium and Abu Dhabi and spent pretty much more than one day travelling to our destiny. It was amazing to meet my family after so many years (6-7 years!!) and we had such a great time. I think I was most happy about seeing my grandfather. Last time I was in Pakistan was the last time I saw my grandmother, so the only person missing was her. It was weird not to see her, but on the other hand, it wasn`t as terrible as it must have been for my uncle and aunts, because they were more used to see her and have her around than me. During the trip I also met people I had heard of, but never met. I also met people I never even knew existed, haha. “Oh, hey, I didn`t know you were alive and existed.” Typical Anne. Sleepless nights, long conversations, weird visits and new knowledge. My uncle and aunt got married and my uncle`s got a son now!

I think one of the reasons I`m thinking of Pakistan these days, is because my uncle is there right now. Somehow, the flight was cancelled twice, but today he finally arrived Pakistan. I`m sure especially my grandfather and his wife and son are happy to see him, which makes me so incredibly happy.

We were supposed to be back this January, on the 6th to be exact, but as the lovely (and crazy) people we are we missed the flight, haha. Oh, God. I can still remember how much I was crying at the airport, but the next day missing school didn`t seem that bad anymore.

It`s crazy to think of the time that has passed by. At this time I was in Pakistan and my dear uncle was still alive. How crazy isn`t life? Has one year already flown by? Oh, take me back to where I was at this time. . No, wait. Exactly one year ago I actually fainted in the bathroom and had to rest for 1-2 days. There you`ve got the insane Anne.


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