This goes out to you, who bullied me.

To you, who harassed me, made fun of me, lied to me and told me I`m never ever, like ever, going to get anywhere.i

To you who humiliated me in front of a tons of students because you thought you had the right to do so.

This goes to you who laughed at me and told me all someone`s ever going to do, is make fun of me.

This goes out to the haters who`re hating on me and then claim they`re not.

This goes out to the people who hid away my stuff just to annoy me and make the teacher scold me.

This goes out to the folks who made fun of my tears and pain.

This is to the people who told me I`ll never be able to make it.

To those people who stood there, watching people bullying me and teaseing me like it was some kind of show.

To those who ignored and still ignore me when we`re in the classroom because whatsoever.

To those who pretend like I`m air, like I don`t exist, like I`m nothing.

To those people who are cowards.

To those people who are too afraid to say all that shit TO me, and not their friends.

To those who read my blog but don`t want to confront me in real.

I feel deeply sorry for you and there`s a reason I`m ahead of you. There`s a reason I treat humans better than you. There`s a reason I am where I am and you`re not. Don`t get me wrong, I wish you all the well, but you won`t get anywhere far with that behaviour and attitude of yours. You guys have no idea what ignoring people might make them feel like, you don`t seem to know what it`s like to be bullied or to feel like you mean nothing to someone. If you do you don`t seem to change the situation for someone else.

I`m glad I don`t try to bury people alive. cf674766d0d83c5ec85edc7cc5492379


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