I didn`t get away with the award in the category “Best Student Blog” and to be honest, when I got to know last night I was a liiiittle disappointed – but why should I be? Not winning doesn`t mean my blog isn`t good enough. I can always do a better job, but looking at the winners – maybe something else was the “problem”? I kind of knew I wouldn`t win and of course one would rather want to win than loose, but I don`t quite understand why they won. Now I`m not the one to decide that – I bet the votes tickes in for a reason, but personally I want to read personal blogs. Blogs where I can read about life and aren`t superficial 100 % of the time. I wish a blog that gets me thinking every time I read it, won. A blog that gives me these great vibes, which the winners absolutely don`t. If you want to have a look at them, you can HERE. Of course those are just my opinions, but if you take a look at the winners it seems like they consist of teaching. It`s like this award is more connected to education, rather than personality. Maybe that`s why I didn`t win. I`ve provoked a little with my honesy and my character. (Is that even the right word to use?)

Of course we need all kind of blogs and I`m not saying these blogs are bad, I just don`t understand why they won. I`ll try better next year. 😉 I`m just glad I even was nominated and became a finalust – thanks to everyone who voted for me! That would`ve never have happened if it wasn`t for you guys. I won`t stop being 110 % honest, just because I didn`t win this. I`m proud of myself and I still feel like a winner – even if I didn`t win this award! ♥DSC_2527.jpg


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