This is to the lonely ones. To the girl who`s bullied at school, to the boy who eats his lunch in the toilet so nobody will disturb him. This goes out to the girl who`s too scared to say a word in class, in fear of what others might say. This goes out to the little boy who tries so hard to make his parents proud, but don`t succeed. This is to the young ones who try so hard, but don`t succeed. To those who suffer every day at school and can`t wait to get home, so they can cry alone in their rooms. So they can be all alone and face their problems alone. So they don`t have to pretend anymore, so they can take the mask they`ve been trying to hold up for so long. Just so they can learn how to breathe again. This goes out to those who believe there`s no life after high-school and believe this is the end.

I love using my own life as an inspiration to other people. I was bullied for ten years and trust me, I`ve been through a lot as a young kid. There and then I cried. A lot. I really mean a lot. I cried myself to sleep, I told myself things nobody should ever tell themselves and I had no real friend. I thought I had some, but they abandoned me. And then a new one popped up and I`d be so happy that I`d start playing with them, while in reality they were only playing with my feelings. That sucks deeply, but you know what? I taught myself some things. Life`s so much more than school. It`s okay if I don`t know how to calculate that one thing or if I don`t know the first ten presidents of the United States. But do you know what`s not okay? Killing yourself at an age of 12 because you believe you have nothing to live for. Making someone feel like they`re worthless and have nothing to live for. Telling people they`re damn ugly and nobody`s ever going to want them. It`s N-O-T okay to not know how to be nice towards other human beings. I don`t care what the reason is. Being angry at mad at someone once or twice is fine as long as you don`t cross your limits, but bullying the life out of someone? Making someone`s life so miserable that they don`t find it worth it anymore. That`s something I`ll never ever accept.

I live with extremists and that`s been so damn hard, I don`t know where to begin. I have parents who`ve never really truly supported me with anything. When I was bullied, I was told it`s my fault. My brother makes fun of me not having friends (even though I have them, so cough cough= and so many people around told me I`m never going to make it. But where I am today? I would`ve never been here, wasn`t it for staying strong and making my own way through it.

last ned (2).jpg

So dear girl or boy, dear you who`s reading this. It`s possible to make through it. I passed secondary school, won the race there and now I`m not far away from graduating from high-school. Can you believe it? I can`t. I made it. Can you see it? It`s possible to get through shit, it`s possible to walk through a crowd full of people pointing and laughing at you. You might be eating your lunch alone today, but one wonderful afternoon you`ll have someone else to enjoy your lunch with. You might be hiding away, but one day people will be hiding from you. I`m sorry you feel lonely today, but one day they`ll regret how they treated you and you`ll find the right people. They might not need you today, but they`ll need you one day. I`m sorry you have to experience bullying and hands full of problems, but believe me – you`re strong enough to take it and one day you`ll be stronger than them.

One day you`ll be standing on the top of the hill and they`ll still be down there, because they`re just like that.

Life`s not over, because someone`s bullying you right now. There`s a life after high-school, look at me. When I graduated at Østmarka, I never thought I`d do what I`ve been doing at high-school. I never thought I`d tell the whole Norway my story as a victim of bullying and I never ever though I`d start singing my fight song at an age of 18 and in front of more than 100 people. If someone had told me I`d be doing these things when I was 12 and crying all alone in the classroom, I wouldn`t have believed it. BUT here I am! It`s possible to stand up. You can do so much more and to be honest – you`ve only just begun your life.

The world needs more people like me and you. You can make it. Believe in yourself and believe you can and everything will be alright. You won`t forever be staying in that classroom of yours, you won`t be stuck in one place forever anyways.


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