Now it`s 2016! I hope everybody started the year in a good way. I was at home with my mum. Sort of seemed like we were lazing around, waiting for midnight so we could go to bed, hehe. Extremely weird how one second changes things so much, according to the world.

Yesterday I read something and I can`t help, but feel a little disturbed when I read things like that. It`s nice to start fresh, to start with blank pages. But what I don`t understand is this logic of “it`s a new year, a new start.” Why wait for 2016, or 2017 for that matter? You don`t need to wait for 2016 to make a change in your life or others lives. 2016 is another year, but 1st January is just another day. I find it a little weird when people say a new year is a new beginning every year.. Why every year? Of course you should always try to become a better person and make the best out of your life, but that new beginning doesn`t have to happen on the 1st of January. It`s up to you to create that new beginning, not a new year. You don`t need to sit there and wait for 2017. You can start right away because there`s no need to waste time.

I lost someone too. My uncle died and my family broke this year. I still feel lonely at school and there have been times where I`ve been crying too. But you know what? It`s all in your head. Things don`t change through the night, but miracles do happen, if you allow them to. Is it weird that I don`t think 2015 has been that bad of a year, considering the past months have been full of drama pretty much all the time? Nah, it`s not. It means I do know it`s drama, but I`not letting it invade my life and my mind. I know depression and anxiety aren`t small issues, but where do they start? In your head. Do something about it. Some bad things happened in 2015, that`s life. By bad things we learn how to appreciate the good ones. Or, I`ll say at least I do. Those two trips to Germany made my year so much better. Playing ludo and acting like nothing when I lost. Spending time with my family in Pakistan. Having that speech made my year. It`s about how you handle it, how you look at things. There`s a lot of things I still don`t understand in life, but that`s okay, because maybe life`s not always meant to be understood.

You don`t need to forget what happened. You don`t need to forget that one person that changed your life, or your bitter moments. The truth is, some things will always stay at the back of your mind because they mean something to you. They symbolize something. But, know that everything happens for a reason and there`s something good to come out of everything that happens in this world. Did your friend cheat on you and did it hurt? Now you know what not to do to others. The terror attacks in Paris? The world would`ve been doing better without it, but we`ve been standing together and debates have been blooming as an outcome. It`s about how you look at it and what your camera focuses on, my friend. So, make 2016 the year where you try to be positive and look at the good things. Be nice to everyone, despite everything. It`s okay to cry and it`s okay to be sad. It`s a part of life too. But you`re not truly living in you keep hanging on to 1816 the rest of your life.

Happy New Year. ♥



PS: As you perhaps know, I was in Germany the past week and that`s why there were no new posts. I`m back now and ready for a new year. 🙂


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