Hey guys!! Ah, so much has changed since I updated you last time.. I ended up in the newspaper again. Not for writing an article on bullying, but for writing one on..wait for it.. Islam and extremism. It`s become “huge”, which I didn`t expect at all. I must confess I expected way more to hate on me and say what I did is a shame and disgusting, but instead some commented my name, haha. I`m proud of myself, even though this is unbelieveable.. When did I decide to jump into this? Why did I? How did I manage to do this?! It`s like a dream has come true, believe it or not. I want to thank everyone for being so kind to me and saying so many nice things. Thanks to JK for supporting me and thanks to other people who`ve ALWAYS been there for me and not just now and then. 🙂


I`ll post some of my favourite comments on here later, but for now: The article. What did it actually say? I`ll post it in a while.

Talk to you very soon! ♥


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