Here`s the article which was published in the newspaper on Thursday!! It got more than 32.000 clicks and more than 150 comments, which makes me so thankful.. This is big for little me, hehe!! This is an English version, so everyone can read it. Let me know what you think below! If you have any questions, don`t hesitate. 🙂CIMG1501

Some days ago I read a status by an old friend of mine. It was pointed towards Hege Storhaug, which`s a Norwegian author, and expressed the following: “What you`re doing is first to point out there are peaceful Muslims and extreme. Later on you begin to tell how the religion Islam set everything for extremism? What about us who`re peaceful, Storhaug? Extremists aren`t born in Mosques (…)”

I`m sorry, but what? Not all extremists come into existence in the Mosques, but one can`t go around and say nobody ever does.

When I was younger, the Mosques were like supposed to help me gain more knowledge about my religion, and so I did.

I learned a girl must never talk with boys, that`s a sin.

I was criticized if my nails were a little too long, and I was a shame if my prayers weren`t read.

Infidels are supposed to be stepped on, and they aren`t allowed to be my friends.

I was told such things by Imams, who are originally supposed to be important role models for us young.

This is something many encount, and I too have been one of the lucky ones.

I didn`t become an extremism and have kept my values on equal rights, love, brotherhood and freedom close to me.

Of course I`m not going to generalize, and that`s not my intention either, because I`m sure there are a bunch of Muslims out there who think similar to me.

Both peaceful and extreme exist. Take notice of the word both.

I don`t understand why that`s something we`re trying to hide away?

It`s wrong to say everybody gets braindwashed and go through radicalization in the Mosquees, but that doesn`t mean it doesn`t happen in any at all. I`m a peaceful Muslim who`s for democratic princippes, but that doesn`t necessarily mean everybody is.

There exists a basis for a start of extremisms in all religions and denominations.

But considering extremism in Islam, I claim the most of what we hear on the news nowadays, is caused by us Muslims.

You have violent extremism and “normal” extremism.

Violent use violence as a way to get through, while “normal” extremisms don`t do that, but perhaps don`t have anything against others doing so.

Now it doesn`t seem like many Norwegians are able to handle this difference, but dear Muslims: They might be calling you extremisms, as in non-violent, but still an extremist.

If you feel bothered – maybe it`s about time you make some changes.

Stop telling your daughter she`s not allowed to talk to boys and stop praying for only Muslims, because everyone else is worthless.

Stop destroying the democracy and stop criticizing Christians, Jews and other groups.

Because, trust me: Not everyone wants to harm you.

Cause our Mosques are on fire.

It`s seriously about time we do something about it on our own, instead of writing on Facebook we reject the terror attacks and aren`t like them.

It doest save me, and it doesn`t save the world.

Stop being such a coward, and stop sweeping the problems under your carpet.

Stop pretending like extremism doesn`t exist among us. It does take place, not only in Syria or Afghanistan, but among our countrymen.


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