Like I mentioned before, I`ve received a lot of comments here and there and to be honest, it`s been to much to take in. All of a sudden people have a lot of thoughts about me – mostly good thoughts, happily! I`ve been EXTREMELY lucky with the comments, to be honest.. So many have called me brave and amazing and I want to thank you all for that! I thought I`d answer some of the questions that have popped up the past days and any other comments I`ve seen since Thursday. I`ve answered pretty much everyone I`ve been able to, but I thought I`d just write my thoughts down on here without any filter. You might get more answers, but if you still have any questions, don`t hesitate to ask me. It could be questions like “What do you think about..” or constructive criticism.
First of all, some people (mostly Muslims, no doubt why..) have told me to either go to the Mosque I`m criticizing with this or handle the situation in a nicer way. If I had gone to that Mosque, they might have told me it`s not like that at all. Islam doesn`t say that and that and they might even claim they`re not extremists. If that`s the case, then amazing, but I think it`s natural for me as a human being to doubt those people considering what I`ve been told by them. People have also been telling me that the Mosques they visit don`t have any signs of extremism, which is.. what do I say? When my teacher in that Mosque told me “It`s a sin for girls to speak to boys” and nobody said anything at that time, don`t you think that means many decide to shut up because that`s so much easier? People don`t only do that when it comes to this – I`ve experienced the very same with bullying. So, when people say they haven`t experienced anything of that I`m not sure whether I should believe them or not BUT time will show. Time really will show who`s right or not. Everyone can pretend like everything`s fine and I`ve definetely not been one of those to do that – I`m able to talk about the diamond that`s not shining that much.

Yeah, I did attack people, but please don`t act like I went all ISIS and attacked someone for no reason. I attacked several Muslims with words by telling them to stop doing something which isn`t acceptable at all. They should pick that up and go through their own mirrors. If they never were responsible for any radicalization and extreme education in Mosques or at home, everyone would`ve been happy! But, that`s unfortunately not the case. So, what nicer ways? You mean going to the Mosques and having a speech? Or talking to them alone? That might happen one day, BUT remember: I`m only 18 years old! Many of those who comment are way older than me and it`s easier for them to do something about such issues so my question to them is Why don`t you do something? I wrote this article all alone and I didn`t tell a single soul about it before it was final. Keep that in mind. Instead of trying to fight against me, fight against social control and negative culture.. That`d be so much better for everyone. This is a start. That article is better than what some crazy people commented Some enthusiasm is better than none. People start by taking small steps – even though doing this was a big one for me.

The article says very well I don`t know about every Mosque, but I can at least speak for that one I went to. Some people are busy trying to know what Mosque I went to. Does it even matter? It happened – that`s the problem. And fine, let`s say nothing of what I experienced happened to you, but it sure did happen to me and I think one person is one too many. But the case is the same here – I know some people who`ve heard the same things in the Mosque, but they`ve never bothered speaking up because that`s dangerous. It really is dangerous, which I`ve been told by many through the comments too.. There`s a reason why these people really hope I`m getting the support I deserve, because in today`s society that`s really not expected. Which is sad, in my opinion. Anyways, don`t come here and tell me I`m making a story here, that it`s all my fantasy, because what about those girls who`re married against their will? What about those who experience violence at home every day because their parents believe that`s the right thing to do according to Islam? Are these stories too? I was so tempted to tell people who were claiming I was making up fantasy stories to shut up. It makes me extremely frustrated, because to those people it might be stories, but to others those are their stories.

It might not have happened to you (or it might have but you`d rather, like thousand of others, shut up about it), but it has happened to many others. And frankly, that article might have been published in a Norwegian newspaper, but it`s relevant in many, many other countries. Just so that`s said. But back to the point – it has happened to me, happened to some people I know SO I can assure you it happens to many other people. Nobody knows what happens inside 4 walls. You might say I don`t know either, but I`ve seen it for myself and in my opinion, it`s better to be sure than to be unsure and maybe ruin someone`s life at the same time.

So if you think I`ve done everything I could, I haven`t. I chose to write this article to let out my opinions and thoughts once and for all. Not only on behalf of myself, but everyone who feels the same way. It`s not pointed towards only one Mosque – I used one as an example. So, visiting each and one Mosque would`ve been difficult, so instead I wrote this for everyone to read. I wrote that article for everyone to see it and I think the lamest thing you could do is to come and tell me is that extremism doesn`t exist among Muslims. Yeah, I do agree there`s a lot about Islam and Muslims in the media, but I think it`s up to the person to decide whether it`s all negative or positive. Some would even consider my article as negative because I`m so open about everything and make Muslims feel shameful. (Which means there`s obviously something wrong here..) So, really. If it`s possible, try to be positive and try to be honest instead of pretending like it doesn`t exist. The Christianity wouldn`t have been able to create the reforms if it wasn`t for most people admitting something actually was wrong. No, there`s not necessarily something wrong with Islam – I`m just tired about how so many Muslims misuse the name of Islam and ruin other people`s lives.

So dear everyone. I can`t sit here and be quiet when I know many are being tortured. If you can, then that`s too sad, but don`t stop me. Please don`t stop me.


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