Alan Rickman. Does the name remind you of someone? I must say I didn`t know Professor`s Snape real name, however silly that sounds. I`m sure I`ve heard the name now and then, but I love calling him Snape. Cause that`s the person he reminds me of.

When I was little I didn`t like him, but he wasn`t like Malfoy or his father. He did care about Harry Potter, but had a special way of showing it. I guess that`s one of the things he taught me. He taught me not to judge someone based on first impressions, because let`s face it. Snape was lurking behind and popped up out of nowhere. But he wanted the best for everyone. I think one scene that broke me the most, is where he cries about Lily`s death. He loved her so much, and I just need to watch that scene over and over and over again. Snape was a rare fictional character that I have found so much inspiration from.

But Rickman died yesterday. 69 and cancer, just like David Bowie. I find that crazy. How did that happen? Was he that old? And cancer? I know how it feels like to loose someone due to cancer so it made me feel awful. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family, as well. Was Alan really that old? The Harry Potter movies aren`t that old, or are they? The world is beyond my reach and everything`s moving so fast. Rest in peace, Alan. You left a whole world raising their wands for you. It`s a shame that the best people die, that the legends die too soon. You were an amazing actor, but more important – an amazing human being. Thank you for being a part of this crazy girl`s life, thanks for teaching me how to become a better human being. I`ll miss you. Goodnight for now, Professor. I`ll see you again. Always.


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