I`m not always quite sure how people look at me. One day I believe people actually are interested in getting to know me, the next day I`m completely ignored and I don`t feel that way all of a sudden. I`ve heard some things by people which make me think some don`t like me, while I have some in my life who support me all the time. I`m so damn thankful for that. Anyways. I`m quite sure my classmates read my blog secretely (or not so secretely anymore, haha), so if anyone has any questions related to the speeches I`ve had, something I`ve written in a newspaper or anything about me, comment below! There have been quite a lot people reading my blog lately, so I`d love to know your perspective on me, whether it`s negative or positive. Now you`ve got an opportunity to get to know me, so I`d love to hear from you! Whether it`s a comment or a question – go ahead. If you`d prefer to, you can do it anonymously. 😉



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