It`s extremely sad that I have to write this, but let`s get this out there once and for all. (Or maybe not because some people don`t want to understand..)

Extremism D-O-E-S exist. If you`d love to believe it doesn`t, you`re a little too stupid. It doesn`t only exist among Muslims, it exists among Christians, Jews and other groups as well too. Islam isn`t the only big elephant here, it`s not the only scapegoat here. Please get that into your brain if you already have. It gets on my nerves how some people, especially Muslims (no shit) walk up to me and want to hate on me because I`m making Islam look like the big elephant here.

And I always want to tell those people that they are those who`re ruining the good image some have of Muslims.

There are some extreme things in the Holy Quran. For example the verses where we`re told to kill those who don`t believe in the same as us. The Bible does the same. But what have most Christians done? They`ve taken a step back from those things and decided not to follow these things, because in 2016 they`re not relevant. And to be fair, I can`t completely understand that, but I decide to do the same because to me, God is the Greatest of them all. But don`t bother saying to me Islam is 100 % good, because I`ll open the Quran for you and point out some things that aren`t always that great. It doesn`t mean I hate Islam, it just means I don`t think some verses in the Quran are that important anymore. I love Islam and I`d like to believe it makes a human a better person.

But what I did in the article, was to criticize those Muslims who`re extremisms and do bad things in the name of the religion. Those who misuse Islam, those who pretend to be like them cool kids, them cool Imams because guess what? I`m damn tired of it and done with it. And I guess that`s what “shocked” people. Me, being a Muslim and critizing the Mosque for something they obviously do. There was an Imam from Kristiansand who told us Muslims not to participate in birthdays or to wish anyone happy birthday, because the Quran doesn`t say anything about it. That`s to me signs of extremism. He later on said sorry and then walked out of his position, which is to me weird. Would he`ve done that if he never had said any of that? Anyways, the thing here is: Some imams are extreme, whether you`d like to believe it or not. Sorry to disappoint you, guys. Of course not each and one of them, but some. Some Muslims have been asking me what Mosque I`m on about – does it matter? Those who ask me such things are only asking so they can tell whether I`m right or wrong, which doesn`t matter to me, because I experienced what I experienced and nobody can take that from me. But, the problem still isn`t where, but that it happens. I can assure you 100 % that it happens in places you guys never thought it would happen, so whether you`ve experienced it in any Mosque or not doesn`t make much of a difference to the truth. The case might even be you not calling it extremism or thinking it`s actually the right thing.

I don`t believe some of the things I`ve been told in the Mosque is the right thing, so obviously I`m going to stand up and say it as it is.

If you think this is hate, then that`s your fault for not understanding me. It`s not mine. It was a limited article – I could have written a thousand words more. But I couldn`t. It`s a newspaper. Not the story of my life. Some people act like they know everything they need to know now. “Her first try didn`t turn out to be that successful.” “She`s only out, picking berries and blabbering.” If you consider this as blabbering, you aren`t in the clear yet. This is a truth I and many other Muslims have experienced. Whether you believe it or not, is your problem. Yes, many do know it`s a problem, but from the looks of it, it turns out many Norwegians have forgot one important thing – in my culture it`s considered as a sin by some to write what I wrote. Many Muslims don`t even want to face it. They deny it, think it`s a shame on behalf of the whole Muslim population and think I don`t know what Islam is. The article doesn`t really say a word about what I think Islam is. It speaks about what extremisms do. So why the shit then? It`s not understandable. I`m not supposed to explain to anyone what Islam is, but I`ll gladly answer someone who wants to know out of curiousity. Not someone who goes all “Hey, you. You don`t know what Islam is – what is Islam actually?” That`s plain stupid and I have no interest in explaining much to these people, apart from that such comments are stupid for existing.

I`m only 18 years old. I don`t underestimate my power – I can do a lot, only if I want to and go for it. Yeah, I haven`t studied extremism and radicalization on a high level, but if there`s a rule in this society that only educated people are allowed to talk, there`s no place for me here. I talked out of personal experiences and again – you believe it or you don`t, but don`t show up just so you can tell me these are plain fantasy stories because that`s one of the biggest lies ever. You don`t know what you`re talking about. I believe I`ve done something important – why do you think many Muslims haven`t bothered commenting under the article on Aftenposten`s website? Haha, I think the reasons should be clear enough.

I don`t hate Islam and I`m proud to be a Muslim – but I feel ashamed on behalf of people who allow themselves to comment shit without considering they`re writing about an eighteen years old girl who might read that shit. Extremism exists in Mosques and many other Islamic environments – whether you want to believe it or not. Just look it up – you`ll find plenty of Imams and other Muslims, who`re supposed to be someone we can look up to, who`ve said a lot of unacceptable things. I`ve been through what I`ve been through. To be 18 years old I`ve been through a lot more than what most can imagine, so the people who think they know a lot more about me than what I`ve written – you`re dead wrong.

If you`d still prefer to believe all I`m doing is lying and picking bears, then you might as well stop talking about me as if you know everything about me, if you don`t prefer to get out of this debate. Thank you.



  1. Hei, jeg heter Åse Brandvold og er journalist i avisa Klassekampen. Jeg vil gjerne komme i kontakt med deg for et intervju. Send meg gjerne en e-post.

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