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I was bullied for ten years.

Nobody can tell. I mean, so many struggle with lack of confidence, with no self-confidence. They don`t believe in the world anymore, in the people around them. They might say everyone are lovely people, but what about themselves? Oh, they don`t say a nice word about themselves, which makes me question if that`s really necessary.

Cause everybody knows bullying is unfair and never right and so how do these people achieve their goals?

I still think about those years, about those people. I said bye to some of them more than five years ago, others soon three years ago. Is it sad of me to still think of what they did to me? Does it mean I haven`t moved on? It only means I`m never going to forget and oh, dear parents and dear you who`s reading this – I can assure you I`m never going to forget.

When I was in 7th grade I and my mother had a conversation with the teacher. My mum was angry, no doubt on that. But where were the other parents? Where was the mum of that mean girl who invited me to her birthday party that January evening, just for her to tell the rest of the world the day after that I never showed up, when I actually did? Where were the dads, who were supposed to have a talk with their kids and tell them humiliating a girl, or a boy for that sake, is never alright? Dear parents – where the hell were you?

I think it`s easy for parents to believe their kids would never cause any harm, because after all – they`re their kids.

But your kids are first of all humans, then afterwards your kids.

The bullying ended almost three years ago and I`m now in a class where nobody really talks to me unless they need me for something. Like yesterday – nobody spoke to me. Of course, apart from when I asked one of them if they could be nice enough to pick up my mittens for me.

Why didn`t anyone from my class speak to me? Who the hell am I? Oh, because I`m Anne, after all. I`m not like them, I`m nothing like them, I don`t fit the chair next to them, they don`t like me. What other reasons are there?

I had that speech November 2014 where I asked them why they were like this. It`s your fault. Do people feel like I don`t want to be with them? I made it clear that November day I wanted to be with them as a classmate, if not a friend. They never made it clear enough. I`ll repeat what I said that day: I love being with humans and I love talking. I`m not one of those who`d say no and walk away – I`m the opposite. 

So now I`m going to ask each and every parent at my school and the schools I left my marks on: Has your kid told you they ignore me at school? They pretend like I don`t exist? Has your kid told you how they treat me different? How they don`t look at me the same way? Dear parents, where the hell are you?

Sure, not every parent knows what their children are up to. But is the truth really that nobody of you knows? Or don`t you really care either?

Cause your kids ignore me and other students at school. They don`t treat us the same, they don`t really care about us. Forget me, they don`t give much of a damn about this other girl who`s pretty much alone every single day. The excuse is “It`s hard to talk to her, because she doesn`t say anything back to you.” The reason might be that the students she has to deal with now are those who used to bully her and didn`t care that much about her either. Dear parents, why would she want to hang out with those kids of yours who never gave her a hand full of love? Did you know your kids used to bully her? Is this what you taught them around the dining table when it was time for dinner? What did you talk about?

Dear parents, did you know your kids bullied me? Or that your kids watched it like it was somekind of show? Did you know your kids don`t really care? Did you know?

Dear parents. I might not know your name, your age or who you really are. But if there`s one thing I know, it`s the fact that you have a responsibility. Some of you should feel shameful on behalf of how your children used to treat me or treat me. You have a responsibility. So has your kids. When your kids don`t know how to behave, it`s not necessarily your fault, but it is your problem because your kids are making it hard for me to have nice days at school. It`s your duty and responsibility to tell your kids what they`re doing is dead wrong and not acceptable. You need to have an open relationship with them, you need to know what they`re up to at school. You need to know what they`re doing. You can`t leave them up to themselves and let them do whatever the hell they want to.

Cause your kids might be the reason someone`s feeling like shit.They might be saying ugly things to someone who`s never ever done anything wrong to them, your kids might be destroying their life. All these words and events might lead them to commiting suicide – dear parents, would you want the same to happen to your children? I don`t think so.

So dear parents – where the hell were and are you?



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