DSC_0044 (2)Saturday 30th January 2016. Already. I can`t believe that one year has passed away. One year ago at this very day my “Unge Ankel”, like I used to call him, died. I thought I`d never be able to make it without him before he died.. Exactly that is strange. How you think you`ll never be able to live without one person and months pass away and boom. One year already. I miss you every day and I`m so sorry, Unge Ankel, for everything that happened and is happening, but I hope you know I`ve tried and will try my best.

I will leave this place today as a place where whoever can share their stories, their pain and their love for someone they`ve lost. Whether it`s a family member, boyfriend, a friend – I`d love to know I`m not alone. Share a funny or sad memory, what you remember him or her.. It`s up to you. The more, the better. Many people out there hide their pain away and never really talk about death and loss, which makes me really sad. Be kind to one another and talk about the sad emotions too. Let go of some pain. It`s important to remember that moving on, doesn`t mean you forget that person and the memories, it just means you`re ready to accept what happened and start living your life without that person being there physically. Stay strong.


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