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Last Friday I met a girl who thinks pretty much the opposite of me. She`s not necessarily an extremist, but she`s one of those who goes for being defensive about her religion which is something I`ve sadly not got that much time for as I`ve heard it all a million times. Extremism doesn`t exist in Mosques, they`re actually trying to fight against it, you mention it, bla bla bla. Don`t get me wrong, she`s a very sweet girl, but her mind and mine don`t fit well together.

She said that she doesn`t believe my “stories” are lies, but she believes radicalization and extremism aren`t two words which can be used about the Mosques in a bad way. There and then I listened, didn`t say as much as I perhaps wanted to because some people are so used to go all self-defensive and try to save the reputation of their beliefs or whatsoever. So I listened and went back home and thought about it for many hours. She doesn`t believe I never encountered any of it, but she believes extremism doesn`t happen in the Mosques..? Isn`t that like saying I`m lying, because what I went through was exactly that? Oh, please correct me if I`m wrong! But I`m afraid to say there`s not much to correct here.

Let`s see. It doesn`t happen, right? How come I encountered all that? And what about the Imam from Kristiandsand who said congratulating someone for their birthday or wishing someone a Merry Christmas is wrong? Or what about Abid Raja who some years ago told about his experiencing violence INSIDE the Mosque? Does it still not happen? I`m sorry, but I feel like laughing a bit. Sure, misprint this as a self-defensive post, but what`s true, is true. And sometimes, the truth hurts. Badly.

There are many, many more examples out there. I don`t need to mention all of them to proove my point, because I already have. It DOES happen in the Mosques. I have friends who also know people who`ve heard such things in the Mosques – is that misunderstood too now? Oh, and for God`s sake don`t tell me one needs to know what extremism is and what being conversative means. I know very well what those words mean. When I came home, I read a lot of articles on those terms, and after reading those I was even more sure. I was sure I was right.

I never said “I was told I shouldn`t have Christian friends in every single corner of the Mosque.” Is extremism necessarily that? No, my friend. Was I supposed to say that? Once again: No, my friend. When I say “Radicalization happens in the Mosques”, it happens there. Doesn`t mean how many are involved, doesn`t matter what corner, doesn`t matter whether every single person tells me I can`t have Jewish friends or not. It still happened there. I really hope not everyone is hang up in such details and think people got me wrong. I clearly wrote it doesn`t happen in every Mosque and I can`t speak for each and one for them – how much clearer do I freaking make it? Was big letters needed? Or was I supposed to say that in every single paragraph? I forgot humans sometimes forget to use their brains. 

Don`t get me wrong – I`m sure this girl only wanted me well and she told me to keep writing. And so I will. I just think she went all self-defensive when it comes to the Mosques and she wanted to claim Islam is all fine and it`s just us. I`m afraid it`s not. Some Mosques might be doing fine, but always bear in mind everything`s not as it seems.

But anyways. I`ll keep writing the truth and I`ll keep doing my thing. Trust me, I will.



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