Here I am, crying. Not only crying, but smiling.

I`m in the newspaper today, there`s an interview about me and two other women. I wish I could read it, but I can`t get it anywhere near here. Not every shop sells this newspaper. I told my friend, Sara, about it and asked if she could get it for me since she lives close to the airport, which according to this site, sells it. She said she couldn`t, I was sad but I knew it wasn`t really up to her.

Not too long ago I received a message from her. She went out with her mother to try to get it. They didn`t, because the shops didn`t have it (which is weird). But you know what? Even though it makes me sad, I`m glad I have a friend like Sara. She never got it, but what she did and her trying means pretty much everything to me. Nobody`s ever done something like that for me and I was surprised. That surprised that I started crying. Happy tears. Unfortunately you can`t hug someone through a screen, but if she was right in front of me, I would`ve given her a biiiig teddy bear hug. Her mission failed, but our friendship didn`t. Thank you so damn much, dear Sara. This week has been a little rough but you made my day, you made my whole week. Someone told me to take care of those two friends I`ve made and stop complaining about my situation at school. I won`t stop “complaining” about it, but I`ll for sure make sure I have Sara and Thea with me the next years.

The fight was worth it.

I just need to remind myself of that now and then, so I can smile like this more.



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