Today we started a new topic in history – one of my favourite topics ever in this world. The second world war. I look up to Anne Frank and have since I was a little girl. I was out of my mind when I saw her diary in a shelf in sixth grade, and I`ve been studying her diary ever since. I`ve read other diaries from the war, as well, and these days I`m reading a book written my this woman who was Hitler`s assistent. Imagine that? It`s really interesting, though – gives me an insight many other history books and history lessons won`t.

History`s my favourite subject and some time ago there was this article written by a young girl in the newspaper. She claimed we don`t necessarily learn a lot about other places than the Western World and Europe. I agree that there`s not that much about for example Africa and the Middle-East, but there`s something, which is in my opinion better than nothing. Yes, there could always be more about how Colombus treated the native Americans or about the empires in Africa, but do we have time for that? I think it`s sort of common sense to understand that the centre is what happens around us and the main events in the world. That`s necessarily not fine, but that`s how it is. But, at the schools I went to we learned about what the USA did in Iraq, about Israel, about the empires in China, about Rwanda, about Holocaust and about Australia. It`s not only the Western World or Europe, but yeah, a lot of the history teaching surrounded those places. But guess what? I know people in Middle-East and many of them don`t get to know a lot about the history of Europe and the Western World. Some of them look at the USA as the black Devil. My point isn`t to make us look better because we have a lot of improvement to do, but we sure are way better than those you want to learn more about.

Yeah, there`s a lot more to the world – but the school won`t teach you everything. And I believe everyone needs to know that. The Mosques won`t teach you everything either, neither will the Churches. You need to get out there on your own and seek the information. You can`t learn everything at school, sadly. There`s a lot more they could teach us – oh, so much more. But time`s running out, I`m afraid. And I`m sorry to say this, but to many people learning about holocaust is more important than about the massacres in China. I know it is to me.

There`s a lot of things I feel that school haven`t taught me. Let`s take feminism as an example, since this girl mentioned that one. We barely learned anything about it and I`m not saying that`s okay, but oh, there are so many things we aren`t going to learn during your first 12-13 years of school. At Østmarka, the secondary school I went to, we never had about feminism, but you have more options to learn what you want to learn at high-school. I`m studying history and philosophy 2 this year, and we`ll be having about feminism really soon. It won`t be a short description – it`ll be much more than that. So, we do actually learn some things this girl has mentioned and yeah, maybe it should have been a common thing to do at secondary, but time`s running out. We only had 3 periods of history for about 3-4 month each year and it says on its own that`s not a lot of time when you have to learn about what happened in a period of 1000 years. If you want to know more – read books, watch movies, go on different events! School`s never going to teach you everything! Trust me, I know the importance of learning about other people`s cultures, values and traditions and some schools focus on that, while others don`t. But it`s not only their job.

At university you can study whatever you want to – there are so many possibilites out there. Sorry about how the system is here, but it`s what it is and we can`t do much about it right now. So, maybe you have to learn about the rivers and states of the United States of Money today, but when you`re in uni you can do whatever you want to. Study what happened in China, Spain, India – whatever you want to! Study Islam, learn about the difference between Iran and Iraq – it`s up to you then. You won`t be stuck with the Holocaust forever. Don`t worry.113914618_doc6naj004davn9r5tq6vj-MJlnDlAC9O.jpg


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