2nd of March “MOT” is coming to our school. It`s a life skills concept which aims to improve the social environment and basic quality of life of young people, by teaching then vital life and social skills in diverse environments. The Norwegian word “mot” means courage. The point is to have courage to care, to live and to say no. The principles are to see the whole person, reinforce the positive and include other people, no matter who they are.

Now.. does my school do that? I know people are going to say “you`re only talking on behalf of yourself. Just because I don`t have friends, doesn`t mean nobody else has.” First of all, I do have friends. But, they`re not from VG3, they`re from VG2. Second, I never said nobody else has friends. There are groups pretty much everywhere I go and 90 % of the people at school are stuck with those and hardly move out of their space. I sat with the other students from my class at Wednesday because there was no other seat left, and I wasn`t really spoken to even once during those 90 minutes. Courage to care? I don`t think so. Do they include other people? Not really, no. There`s this other girl – her situation is way worse than me. She sits with me during politics and I greet her whenever I can, but nobody says a single word about her situation or has the courage to do something about it. The situation was this same in VG1, the first year, and nothing has changed. So how can the situation not be the same for other students? Is this what one calls caring? Oh, no, my friend.

Of course everyone`s not lonely at Nannestad high-school. Don`t get me wrong. But I think if they were to show up at our school, it should be because we stand out. We care, we try to include people and give them thumb-ups if they do something right and great! And I`m not saying that never happens at my school, but do we stand out? Nope.

Cause how come the school gave up mine or this girl`s situation?

I did go to the principle and some few teachers (if I remember right) and told them about what I had seen. They wrote down names and told me they`d do something and I know they`re not superheroes, but not a single shit is better. Mine`s better considering I have Sara and Thea now, but considering VG3 nothing is better. And that frustrates me.

It`s not like I don`t want “MOT” to come because what they`re doing is absolutely great, but if they`re visiting schools that stand out I need to say Nannestad high-school doesn`t stand out. Not to me, at least. But I guess people are going to say I`m dead wrong and it`s my fault again. I`m trying to make things worse. Just because I dare to care, just because I have the courage to include others.


PS: Their work is to improve the environments for young people and that`s of course something amazing to do, but at my school`s home page, it says that “MOT” has decided to visit us because they focus on this. Just so that`s said.


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