This is something I wrote more than one year ago, that I thought I`d share with you guys today. It`s still relevant and I`d like to believe things have changed since this happened, but I don`t know what to believe. Anyways, it`s not hard to help someone in need. Be kind to one another. A 13-year-old boy should is never supposed to want to kill himself – he`s meant to cherish life. Bear that in mind. 

Earlier today I read about a guy named Odin. He`s dead. He decided to commit suicide this march. Why? He was bullied and nobody at school did anything. The story is long. The details are many. He was a good boy with a good heart. He cared about people. He changed schools twice, but nothing changed. In 2012 they moved out from Oslo because the family couldn`t take it anymore. At the new school, much wasn`t any better. His clothes was set on fire, people threatened him. They`d kill him with a knife or a gun. His lunch box was destroyed, he was picked on every single day. His mom sent so many messages and emails to the teachers and principle, but nobody took it seriously enough. One day Odin came home. He was 13 years old. As he got home, his mom asked him if he had a good day at school. “Yeah”. He wanted to have a shower, and went upstairs. After some time his mom called him downstairs. No reply. It was weird. She went upstairs. The bathroom was locked. She broke the door and saw the son lying on the floor. She tried to wake him up, but he was already dead. Some time later it was his funeral. People were gathered. Nobody could accept the fact that a thirteen year old boy commited suicide. It was hard to understand that he was gone. His little sister wrote something to him. “I don`t like that you`re dead, Odin. Why did you kill yourself?”

Unfortunately, there are many stories like these. Stories where young people don`t get the help they need and deserve. The schools didn`t really want to comment the case later on, but claimed they had taken it seriously. Why didn`t anything change then? They saw what happened, but Odin wasn`t hear. They heard about the bullying, but not him. He was abandoned. They say no one has the right to blame anyone for what happened. The story of Odin, the bullies and they who weren`t able to do anything isn`t about blaming someone for him being dead. It`s about what happened and didn`t happened when he was here. I agree and don`t agree. Why can`t we blame the bullies? They were the ones who made him feel that way? They made his life miserable. Not only his, but the family`s too. The bullies were the ones who made things worse for Odin. Bullying is about making someone feel lonely. He felt lonely because of these people. Sure, blaming someone will never change what happened, but we have the right to blame the right people here. The school, parents and other adults have a responsibility. They`re supposed to make the children and youth feel safe. If we don`t, we betray them. If there`s only one student who`s getting bullied at a school, it won`t really be shown in the statistics, but that doesn`t help him or her.

Your school-life can be destroyed. Your whole life is ruined by bullying. The schools knows that, the whole world knows that. We read stories like these every single day, and yet this keeps happening. We have learned nothing from the past. The society investigate bullying and what a person can do about it and how one should defeat it. On the paper every Norwegian student has the right to have an anti-bullying school, and it`s a duty for the school to give us that. Odin never got that, and so didn`t I. He wasn`t heard, he wasn`t seen. They saw at him, but not him. He wasn`t protected. It`s sad to read about his story and death. He told people what happened to him, and nothing happened. Nothing. As a child you`re asked to tell the teacher if someone is being mean to you, and when you do you`re not taken seriously. Every school says they do, but when it comes to actions they proove themselves wrong.

Odin is gone. It must have been hard for the mother to find her own soon bloody dead. No one saw it coming. The thirteen year old boy was so hurt and couldn`t handle life anymore. A thirteen year old boy isn`t supposed to do that. No one is. So many people have said “How could this happen in a country like Norway?” Him killing himself has nothing to do with Norway. I understand what they mean, but it has happened so many times here in Norway. It can happen anywhere. Norway may seem to have good schools with good teachers, but if this is the situation everywhere then that`s not the case. I`m not trying to make this about me, but while reading about Odin and crying my mind was telling myself how lucky I am. I know how it is to feel that way. You tell people around you so many times, and they don`t seem to care. You feel helpless. I feel sorry because Odin chose to kill himself, but it`s important to see this from his point of view too. People made him feel that way. He moved away to start a new life, which he never got. It`s hard to accept the fact, and like me I wish he had been stronger for some time more. I just hope people learn from this, but the very next day I`m sure I`ll hear about another suicide. Why are we doing this? People are killing themselves, and we claim we are sorry about it. The school does, the friends do. I don`t believe they`re sorry, because if they really cared they would have done way more to end this. It`s better to throw a student out of the school than to have a student killing himself because of the student you never threw out.

Rest in peace, Odin. I hope you`re in a better place. Like I`ve always wanted to and want to even more when such things happen, I`ll praise his life and the millions of people who`ve felt and feel the same way. I know how it is to be bullied, I`ve been in the same situation. So many people feel sorry and want this to stop, but I also want to be one of those few to change what`s going on around me every single day. I want to show that someone may not do anything, but I will. I always will.


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