Yesterday I visited the principle`s office.

It doesn`t matter that much, but it`s weird how MOT sent that e-mail to him even though I told them that I don`t want them to do that? Oh, about that e-mail. I sent one to MOT because I had enough. I wrote how Nannestad High-school doesn`t really do much at all, I explained my situation and how I`m tired of how my school makes it seem like they`re doing so much. However, the point here is that they received an e-mail they weren`t that happy with.


The environmental worker and the principle`s assistent were there too and my point is not to attack them, but to ask and seek for answers I still haven`t got. It`s to let out some frustration. After the conversation I talked to some of my friends about it and even they agreed with me, which makes me even more passionated about this. It makes my points even more true and I don`t want to give up.

The principle claimed it was wrong of me to write about the whole school, when I can only talk on behalf of myself. First of all, let`s please not forget this other girl whom is lonely too. And I`m sure others are too – just because you don`t say you`re lonely, doesn`t mean you`re not. Then I was told I can`t be talking when I haven`t tried to tell anyone. Are you kidding me? I`ve told some teachers, and the students know what`s up with me and how I feel about my days at Nannestad High-school. Can people please stop playing stupid? It`s not like the different teachers don`t know. Just recently I told one of them straight out that “I`m not having a good time at school”, and he didn`t do a single thing about it.

That`s so wrong to do of the school. Don`t come around and blame me for something I`ve done. That`s nevertheless not what bothers me the most. What still makes me frustrated, is how they didn`t have much to say then, apart from a “sorry” and “it wasn`t meant to happen.” Maybe it wasn`t, but actions speak louder. I`m so exhausted by these same, old excuses. I`ve heard it all before. If it wasn`t meant to happen, why didn`t these people try harder?

No, they just thought everything was fine because I go around, smiling. Nobody`s a mind-reader and yes, I`m supposed to be open to the teachers about my situation at school, but 1.why would I when they don`t do a single thing and 2. I used to smile during the first year too, even though my situation wasn`t fine. You just can`t go around and assume everything`s fine by a smile – everyone smiles. I`ve become an expert on pretending, even though I have enough too sometimes. You can`t come here and tell me you thought I suddenly was accepted, appreciated and treated nicely by my class on behalf of a smile. They could`ve talked to me, had a conversation with me once a month, or once a year, if that`s too much to ask for? Maybe they`ll never be able to solve my “problems”, but they could at least try to be good human beings by being there for someone who once again started crying in front of them.

Yes, we`ll try to do something new about the situation and I`ll be a part of it. And I really hope it works. I`m just disappointed another school said “sorry, we never wanted that to happen” just like that, without actually trying their best.


4 thoughts on “THE SAME OLD EXCUSES

  1. Det er så egoistisk av deg å dra inn hele skolen! Nannestad, er en skole som faktisk har minst mobbing. Skjønner veldig godt hvorfor rektoren ikke var så veldig glad da han fikk det brevet fra MOT, og nå vil skolen få problemer. Det er rett og slett dårlig gjort. Du klager hele tiden på at de ikke gjør noe, men det gjør de faktisk og folk har prøvd å få kontakt med deg og hvis jeg ikke tar feil så har du en del venner og lærere som støtter deg, men du setter bare ikke pris på den støtten du får. Og DET er trist når folk prøver å hjelpe deg, men du vil ikke ta imot den og skylder på hele skolen.


    1. Hello there! 🙂

      It`s actually funny how you don`t have the courage to write your real name. Anyways. I don`t think you read anything of what I write, well – I`ve never said I`m being bullied?! I`m NOT being bullied at Nannestad. And, it`s not like I`ve ever said that the school as a whole is a terrible school. But if the school`s in trouble, why are you so worried? I mean, if they`ve done anything wrong, they`ll be frightened, and if they haven`t, they have no reason to be worried. So why are you so worried since you`ve tried your best? And what do you guys even do? Stay in contact with me? Yeah, and don`t treat me the same, write shit about me on social platforms and hardly talk to me in the classroom? I don`t understand what you`re trying to even explain here. Yeah, I do have some friends and some teachers that support me, but my problem is how nobody of them really does anything about the situation at school. If I was unwilling to receive any help, why would I crave any?


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